More Cool Features Available on KakaoTalk PC
More Cool Features Available on KakaoTalk PC
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KakaoTalk PC Excel Theme

SEOUL, KOREA- Kakao, a leading innovator in mobile communications, today announced that KakaoTalk PC, the PC version of its mobile messenger KakaoTalk has gone through its largest update since launch. With feature updates fully based on user feedback, KakaoTalk PC is expected to bring a fuller, more convenient experience to its users, in addition to added privacy control. This update brings three core additional values to KakaoTalk PC users; enhanced usability through file transfer support, customizable chat rooms for optimized use in the PC environment, and stronger privacy control.

First of all, KakaoTalk PC will now allow users to send files from their computer to their friends or colleagues through KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk file transfer feature supports more than two dozen file formats including various document, video, audio, photo and zip file types, that are as large as 100 MB. For the moment, files can only be sent from the PC version, but both PC and mobile users can receive them. Users can download the received files by clicking on the thumbnail message, transferred in form of KakaoTalk message from a friend. File view is supported on Android, and iOS users will be able to receive and view files from the next iOS version update. Kakao also plans to offer a ‘file box’ feature with the next KakaoTalk PC update, where all files that are delivered to a user are temporarily stored for readily access over a designated period of time.

Another notable change is the addition of a new, witty chat window skin. Users can choose from either the default or the new ‘excel’ theme for their chat window, which transforms the chat window into an excel spreadsheet-like look. The new skin adds a humorous edge to users’ chatting experience on KakaoTalk PC, by enabling users to chat with friends and colleagues within what looks like an excel spreadsheet. Kakao also added multiple font type and size options to KakaoTalk PC, allowing users to customize their chatting environment to best fit their PC screen and personal preferences. KakaoTalk PC skin and font settings at ‘More > Settings > Chat room’

Tools to enhance privacy control for users were also added to the new KakaoTalk PC. When ‘automatic lock mode’ is set, the messenger automatically shifts to lock mode when the user is away for a designated length of time. To re-access the messenger service, users need to put in their passcode. New message alerts can also be customized to fit the users need, depending on their chatting environment. When using KakaoTalk PC in a public space, or in situations where pop up alerts that directly display message contents are inappropriate, users can customize alert options so that new messages are displayed as ‘a new message’ from ‘KakaoTalk,’ instead of showing who sent what message. Users can also choose to turn pop-ups and/or alert sounds off entirely. With the addition of these new privacy control features, users will now be able to use KakaoTalk PC in public, open environments without having to worry about other people seeing his/her private conversations.

“We hope that our users will be able to use our KakaoTalk PC more conveniently through this update” said Kakao, and continued, “We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open to user feedback and do our best to offer the best user experience on both mobile and PC versions of KakaoTalk.”

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