Journey to Become Global Banker
Journey to Become Global Banker
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Hana Financial Group was launched on December 1, 2005 with the joining of nine affiliated companies: Hana Financial Group Inc., Daehan Investment Securities, Hana Securities, Hana Life Insurance, Hana Capital, Daehan Investment Trust Management, Hana I&S, Hana Institute of Finance, and Qingdao International Bank.

The launching of the group was intended to build an ultra healthy, all-round financial service network that can provide a variety of financial services suited to meet customer needs, and ultimately bring about a greater satisfaction to customers. At present, Hana Financial Group, which boasts over 7.45 million customers, continues its journey to become a global financial group armed with an ultra healthy, allround financial service network based on 12,860 specialists in 746 local branches -- as of February 2007 -- and 9 overseas branches in countries like the US and Hong Kong.

During the one-year period since its establishment, Hana Financial Group has devoted its energies to build a competitiveness base. The group has built a mid and long-term vision and a management strategy, faithfully firmed up the ground on which synergy can be created. On its way to fulfill the dream of ultra healthy, allround financial service network, the group has touched the stepping stones of East Asia's leading financial group in 2009 and Asia-based global financial group in 2015. In an aim to build a growth platform, the group, in its second year after the foundation, is presently in the process of restructuring its business structure to be centered on core operations and promising businesses of the future. It is also stepping up efforts to enter into advanced countries and various regions in Asia and emerging markets, while consolidating its inner strength and maximizing synergy.

For the next year, the group plans to exert various efforts to make the growth momentum visible. In key operations, the group seeks to secure a market leadership role, diversify profit streams, and make attempts in earnest to enter into overseas markets. By taking such efforts, the group aims to be reborn as one of the world's top 100 financial groups, that is, a group boasting a corporate market value of US$21.7 billion with a non-interest profit ratio of 40% and an 8% overseas profit ratio.

The years from 2010 to 2014 are an important period for Hana as it aims to vault into a global financial group. During this period, the group expects synergy can be created smoothly among businesses and regions. In line with this goal, important operations are scheduled to take place: that is, improvement of profit structure to an advanced country level, localization of overseas operations, and the creation of new high tech-based financial businesses.

Through this process, Hana Financial Group hopes to grow and become one of the world's top 50 financial groups, an Asia-based global financial group boasting a corporate market value of US$65 billion with a 50% non-interest profit ratio and an overseas profit ratio of 20%.

Already, Hana Financial Group has amazed the industry circles last year by attaining US$138 billion in total assets and US$1.16 billion in net profits within a year after the group's launch. In addition, Hana has proven to the world the soundness of its assets and the ability to manage risks by recording a bad loan ratio of 0.69%, a lesser figure than the average bad loan ratio of 0.9% in the case of commercial banks in Korea. Moreover, Hana is quickly turning its dream to become a global financial group into reality as was witnessed by the Banker's rating of Hana as the 102nd rank in terms of own capital adequacy ratio among the banks of the world.

Synergy through the network of businesses, manpower and products

The affiliated companies of Hana Financial Group have been building an organic network capable of carrying out one-stop financial services through human and material affiliations. Hana's solid network of businesses, manpower, and products is the essence for providing more satisfactory financial services to customers, the driving force for creating the group's synergy effects and the foundation to make a leap forward.

The financial group's business network is comprised of largely four business groups: Hana Bank and Daehan Investment Securities for product sales; Hana Securities, Hana Life, Daehan Investment Management, and Hana Capital for product development; and Hana Financial Group Inc., Hana Institute of Finance, and Hana I&S for strategy and resource management support. Each one of these companies is exhibiting brilliant capabilities of its own in the financial sectors of banking, credit cards, securities, investment trust management, insurance, and capital.

Expanding the business boundary into the world

Hana Financial Group has been building management skills through the corporate management experience accumulated over the 36-year period since the establishment of Hana Bank in 1971. Moreover, the group has not wavered and made greater advancement even at the time of Korea's most severe financial crisis in the late 1990s. Based on the strengths in risk management and customer service together with advanced-country-level financial products, Hana Financial Group squarely competes with leading financial institutions of the world.

At present, the group has built up nine branches overseas including the US and Hong Kong. As for China in particular, it is regarded as an important region which will become the focal point and a strategic model for Hana's advancement overseas. In subsequent to Hana's acquisition of the local Chinese bank Qingdao International Bank in 2003, Hana has built a service belt linking Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdai and Shenyang by opening Korea's first Shenyang branch in the banking sector in Northeast China in 2004. As part of the group's effort to build a human resources network, Hana has also been opening a financial experts training program at Jilin University in China once every year since 2006.

Hana Financial Group's target countries for business advancement are immensely diverse, ranging from the newly emerging countries of high economic growth, such as India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia and China, to the countries with abundant natural resources such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the UAE and to the financially advanced countries of the US, Europe, and others.

Hana Financial Group has a mid and longterm plan to be developed into a banking group with an overseas business ratio accounting 15% of total assets and a net profit ratio of 20%. As for the specific forms to be taken in regard to overseas advancement, the group plans to actively seek an advancement in the retail market sector through the acquisition of the shares of local banks together with a Korean company-based entry into corporate financing through the establishment of overseas branches and local subsidies.

The essence of Hana's strategy for overseas advancement is to build a stable operation base through complete localization in every corner of the world. The group aims to raise its operation competitiveness by developing products and services that are suited to the situations of local markets and by strengthening retail and corporate financing targeted at local companies. Also, the group plans to achieve responsibility management by cherishing the utmost autonomy of local subsidiaries.

The group aims to enable local subsidiaries to quickly respond to environmental changes by expanding the employment of local people and by beefing up the training of dispatched staff to raise their capability to adapt to local surroundings.

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