Growing Interest in Collective Investment Funds on Water Supplies
Growing Interest in Collective Investment Funds on Water Supplies
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These days have seen growing attention directed at environmental issues. In summit meetings of major powers of the world, global warming is getting the limelight. In Korea, too, the public interest in environmental issues, such as the dust storm in the spring, has heightened as compared with the past. Also, regulatory measures on imported goods are taken in consideration of the environment, and discussions on emissions reduction of carbon dioxide are certain to be activated with major countries playing a key role.

Coupled with the stock market's boom worldwide, a wide range of collective investment funds are introduced in the market. Among them are environmental investment funds. Particularly the investment funds focused on businesses related to water supplies have appeared in great numbers in the market. The water resource businesses may seem trifling in countries with abundant water supplies.

And yet, there is the need to pay attention to the fact that there are quite a large number of regions suffering from water shortage due to the desertification and the rapid rise in water consumption stemming from population growth or industrialization.

The drying up of water sources in the future, too, can be said to be a problem of global concern as population grows and living standards rise. That is, this is because, if water is not supplied stably, residential stability and continued economic growth cannot be secured and guaranteed. Some have even voiced the possibility of frantic tugs of war in the 21st century surrounding water resources in addition to raw materials such as oil.

As this is the case, the demand for the maintenance of water infrastructure or various technologies such as filtering and purifying is forecast to grow to secure a stable water supply.

In this perspective, water resource investment funds take the form of investing in the shares of water resource companies, manufacturers of water pipes or pumps, and companies with filtering or sewage processing technologies. Generally speaking, water resource companies belong to the public sector as in the case of electricity or gas suppliers.

Therefore, we can expect continuous accomplishment from these companies as they are not easily affected by market conditions. Water resource companies are highly likely to get the spotlight because of the growing environmental concerns. Furthermore, it can be a positive factor for companies to be specialized in filtering and purifying technologies.

Since active discussions on environmental issues are projected, and countermeasures implemented in response, the number of collective investment funds on water resource businesses is forecast to grow in the years to come.

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