Korea Electronics Show 2013 (KES2013) Opens to the Theme of ‘Creative IT, Be in IT’
Korea Electronics Show 2013 (KES2013) Opens to the Theme of ‘Creative IT, Be in IT’
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ILSAN, GYEONGGI- Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Technology (MOTIE), the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and the Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government and organized by the Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA), Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) and National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), the Korea Electronics Show 2013 opened under the slogan “Creative IT, Be in IT” at Kintex Ilsan for 4 days.

The opening ceremony of the Korea Electronics Show 2013 (KES2013) was attended by more than 600 dignitaries, including KEA Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun, MOTIE Vice Minister Kim Jae-hong and MSIP Assistant Minister Choi Jae-you.

KES2013, a four-day event offering visitors a fantastic overview of where the South Korean electronics and ICT industry stands now and where it is headed, will live up to its reputation as the nation’s largest electronics and IT exhibition by decking out a 53,541m2 exhibition floor with a wide range of products, from cutting-edge home appliances, information and communications devices, semiconductors and displays to electronics parts, software, smart convergence products and mobile products.

KES2013 expected to serve as a barometer of the domestic electronics and ICT Industry’s present and future competitiveness, comes with four keywords: first one is “Interrelated” that shows KES2013 will be encompass parts, materials, equipment, multimedia, ICT, software, mobile devices and smart convergence so as to show how interrelated the upstream and downstream segments of the electronics and IT industry are. Second one is “International” that shows state-of-the-art IT products developed by foreign companies in the US, Canada, the EU, Switzerland, Japan, China, etc. Third one is “Interesting” that shows attention-grabbing, new technologies, such as 3D printers, DJ Mixing Car, Matrix Photo Experience, flexible and wearable devices, smart hangers and smart city technologies. Last one is “Interactive” that shows Korea’s first Anirobo Interactive Aquarium, motion-sensitive virtual mice, automatic guided vehicle, and so on.

Moreover, KES2013 is anticipated to work as a venue where people from industry, academia and the R&D sector get together to spur on a virtuous cycle between supply and demand. Besides, as approximately 3,000 international buyers from 20 countries, including China, Middle East countries, Russia, Philippines, India and Japan gather. CEOs will be given an opportunity to gain insight into future technological trends and investment.

On the sidelines of KES2013 will be held the Creative Forum Conference, where IT experts can share their expertise on electronics and IT and information on next-generation electronics, and the Technology Transfer Fair. What’s more, side events such as festive gala shows and new product showcase events by participating electronics makers are in the wings to catch the eye of visitors and international buyers.

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