Grand Opening of KES 2013
Grand Opening of KES 2013
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Kwon Oh-hyun, Chairman of KEA delivers an opening speech

Under the slogan “Creative IT, Be in IT!, the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 kicked off with a fanfare at KINTEX Ilsan on October 7, unleashing a plethora of latest electronics and IT products, which were displayed according to four keywords: Interrelated, International, Interesting, Interactive. Marking its 44th anniversary, the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013, a 4-day event from October 7 through 10, has begun with an opening speech by Oh-hyun Kwon, Chairman of the Korea Electronics Association (KEA).

Delivering his opening address, Kwon Oh-hyun, Chairman of KEA said, “The software industry, which has recently emerged as the driving force behind changes in the IT industry ecosystem, has seen continued growth in exports. And the IT convergence sector, such as automotive IT and shipbuilding IT, has also been on the upswing. As such, the rapid growth in the electronics and IT industry and trade surpluses are deemed to have assisted South Korea significantly in weathering the global financial crisis and in raising per capital income to USD 20,000.”

“I believe that such achievements are the fruits of painstaking work done by each and every one of the electronics and IT industry. Thus, on this annual occasion, I would like to offer my special thanks to them,” he added.

Closeting his opening address, he mentioned, “Lastly, I would like to congratulate those who were awarded prizes for their significant contributions to the development of the South Korean electronics and IT industry on Electronics and IT Day. And I also would like to thank all the supporters, including government officials from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), and all the members of the electronics and IT industry for their support and efforts. And I wish you all the best of luck in moving forward with your business.”

After the 8th ‘Day of Electronics and IT” merit awards followed the welcoming speech. The speech was delivered by together by Kim Jae-hong, Vice Minister for Industy and Technology, MOTIE, and Choi Jae You, Assistant Minister of MSIP, ICT, and Future Planning, and gave their thanks to the employees of the electronics and IT industry, who were working for technology innovation and economic growth.

Tape cutting ceremony of KES 2013

The two leaders of Korea’s electronic industry, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, were in a heated competition with the two companies providing the two biggest booths at the 2013 Electronics and IT Industry Fair.

In celebration of the 8th Electronics and IT Day, LG vice president Young-soo Kim, Seong-ju Moon (CEO of TFE Inc.) and Gwang-gu Lee (CEO of Trais) were the winners of “Bronze Tower" Industrial Medal, Steel Tower Industrial Medal and Industrial Service Medal, respectively. And, Presidential Citation, Prime Minister’s Citation, Minister’s Citation, Gyeonggi-do Governor’s Citation were handed out to honor distinguished contributors to nurturing the electronics and IT industry into the nation’s No.1 exporter.

Kim Jae-hong, Vice Minister for Industry and Technology, MOTIE, delivers an welcoming speech

Dignitaries from industry, academia and various circles, including the vice minister of the MOTIE and a senior government official from the MSIP, graced the opening ceremony of the nation’s largest electronics and IT show with their presence. After attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013, VIP guests paid a visit to the exhibition hall to give pep talks to participating companies.

Hosted by the MOTIE, the MSIP and the Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government and organized by the Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA), Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) and National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 has enjoyed robust participation – i.e. nearly 800 companies from 20 nations, proving that it is indeed a leading international IT.

Besides, the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 has been decked out with 2,300 booths sporting a wide range of products, from cutting-edge home appliances, IT products, semiconductors, displays and electronic parts to software, smart convergence products and mobile products, so as to catch the eye of international buyers and give CEOs insight into future technological trends and investment.

Furthermore, one-on-one trade consultations participated in by a slew of international buyers, international conferences, Technology Transfer Fair, seminars on investment, etc. have also been arranged.

The Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 is expected to be partaken in by about 3,000 buyers from 20 nations (including China, Middle East countries, Russia, the Philippines, India and Japan) and nearly 60,000 general visitors. On top of that, trade consultations worth USD 1.8 billion are anticipated to take place, which would eventually work towards facilitating the electronics and IT industry’s overseas market entry and revving up the domestic market.

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