KES 2013, Kicks off with Gala Dinner
KES 2013, Kicks off with Gala Dinner
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The Gala Show began with a laser show befitting KES 2013

Entertainment events, such as k-pop performances, Lucky Draw and photo shoot event, juiced up the KES Gala Show 2013.

Celebrating the opening of the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 (South Korea’s largest electronics and IT exhibition designed to help people gain insight into how creative ideas and innovative IT technologies would shape the future), the KES 2013 Gala Show was held at Stanford Hotel Seoul in Sangam on October 7. Nearly 300 people, including international buyers, representatives of participating companies and officials from the government and municipalities, attended the KES 2013 Gala Show, which was emceed by Korean comedian Seong-won Kim.

A grand toast was held where international VIP guests joined the Cho Sung-kap, P in filling a vat with different wines from around the world and sharing the multi-national blend, an apt metaphor for the glob

The Part I of the Gala Show began with a laser show befitting the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013’s main theme: a festival of electronics and IT. The flamboyant laser show drew a resounding applause from the audience.. Then, Kwon Oh-hyun, Chairman of KEA delivered his opening speech, followed by congratulatory addresses by VIP guests. And international buyers and representatives of participating companies, both domestic and overseas, enjoyed a great opportunity for business networking while having dinner.

Then ensued the KES Innovation Awards. The KES Innovation Awards’ judging panels, consisting of experts from each sector, had reviewed an array of creative, innovative products deemed capable of bringing positive changes to the world. Then, they handpicked a total of 20 most innovative products, manufactured by 18 companies, as the winners of the KES Innovation Awards 2013, which was divided into three categories: New, Design, Content. Curved OLED TVs manufactured by Samsung and LG Electronics and products developed by Banditongsin and PSI Korea were among the winners. The award-winning products are projected to serve as the nation’s flagship export items in the foreseeable future, therefore revitalizing domestic demand and further globalizing the S. Korean electronics and IT market.

World Liquor Ceremony, which followed the award-giving ceremony and soprano and tenor performances at the Gala Show 2013 of the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 (which has succeeded in luring in a multitude of intentional buyers by joining forces with 56 relevant institutions in 19 nations), allowed representatives of each participating nation to drink a toast to unity.

The Gala Show featured a K-pop performance by Korean girl group, Jewelry.

The Part II of the Gala Show featured a K-pop performance by South Korean girl group “Jewelry.” The girl group’s exciting performance heated up the festive atmosphere of the KES Gala Show.

Then followed parties and Lucky Draw Event designed to raffle off gifts to Gala Show attendees. True to form, the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013’s choices of giveaways were electronics and IT products. The Lucky Draw Event winners went home with a spring in their steps.

Stoking up technological competition among participating companies, the Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 successfully attracted a plethora of intentional buyers, VIPs and general visitors on its first day. The Electronics & IT Industry Fair 2013 will provide people with a great opportunity to see where the convergence industry, a crucial cog in a creative economy envisioned by the S. Korean government, stands now, and where the electronics and IT industry is headed.

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