KES 2013: The answer to realizing Creative Economy is the ‘fusion’ of the electronics and IT industry
KES 2013: The answer to realizing Creative Economy is the ‘fusion’ of the electronics and IT industry
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Hong Won-pyo, President and Head of Samsung Electronics delivers a keynote speech at the Creative Futures Forum

Along with the 2013 Electronics and IT Industry Fair, the ‘Creative Futures Forum’ was held in the afternoon. With the keynote lecture from Won-Pyo Hong, President and Head of Samsung Electronics, many electronics and IT specialist from Korea and overseas prospected the future market and technology advancement.

President of Samsung Electronics, Won-Pyo Hong, said “The movie Minority Report seemed fascinating 10 years ago, but today, it is no longer the a faraway future”, implying that movie scenes with tailored advertisement based on personal data were soon to be realized. The president also added “With the dawn of the Web 3.0 era, not only will there be such as tailored advertisements, but also other information management services such as personal secretary services, fitness guidance, and shopping recommendation services will also be available.”

He also said “Wearable devices will expand to up to 93 million in electronics and IT market by 2016”. He also implied that Samsung Electronics foresaw this situation and built in a “Healthcare” function in the smartphone galaxy S4, and got prepared for the time when wearable smart devices became popular and a system where an individual’s health could be recorded 24/7 and remote medical examination and treatment would be feasible.

Additionally, he said that Samsung Electronics was trailblazing the wearable smart device market with ‘Galaxy Gear’. President Hong said “For the present, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Gear may be just a companion product that is linked to smartphones, but in the long-run, we will equip CPUs and lengthen the battery time.”

After president Won-Pyo Hong’s keynote speech, Patrick Dixon, President of Global Change LTD, took the floor. President Dixon emphasized ‘Integration, Mobile, and Software’ during his speech for the future and roles of the ICT industry. He also said “Fusion between heterogeneous industries such as information and communication, finance and communication is progressing at fast paces” adding that “Such changes will be seen much more in the financial field.”

Creative Futures Forum was held along with KES 2013

President Patrick Dixon stressed on the importance of thinking beyond the mobile era and into the object internet era. He said “Object internet reveals where, with whom, using which device to do what people are doing, so marketing and customer management fields will combine with the big data technology and bring out a great innovation”.

Following the keynote speech, the ‘Creative Futures Forum’ had a chance to prospect the domestic and foreign economy, 2014 ICT market, ICT technology development, and the 3 trends of the fusion era.

Subsequently, a panel discussion with ‘National happiness realized by Creative Economy, and the role of ICT” as the subject opened, and an in-depth discussion of ICT fusion technology strategies and the roles of specialists of each fields in order to realized Creative Economy was held.

On the coming 8th ‘ICT industry prospect conference 2014’ will be held, in which there will be a chance to share the prospect for ICT/SW related technology and the sharing and discussing of core information to plan for the upcoming year.

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