VIP tour at KES 2013
VIP tour at KES 2013
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20 VIPs from domestic and foreign electronics industry including Kim Jae-hong, Vice Minister for Industry and Technology, MOTIE and Kwon Oh-hyun, chairman of Korea Electronics association (KEA) tours the exhibition booths

On the morning of the 7th at the 2013 Korean Electronics Show, which was held at KINTEX Goyang Ilsan Gyung-gido, 20 VIPs from domestic and foreign electronic industry including Kim Jae-hong, Vice Minister for Industy and Technology, MOTIE, Kwon Oh-hyun, Chairman of Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Jun Dong-Su, President of the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA), Kim Ki-Nam, President of Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA), and Park Sung-Wook, President of SK-Hynix participated in the opening ceremony tape cutting and checked the exhibition booths and VIP new technology and products in person.

The CEOs who participated in the VIP tour started off with QualComm, the first foreign company to enter the Korean Electronics Show, followed by LG Innotech, KETI, Samsung Electricity, ETRI, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Lumos, LD Display, and Merk etc., viewing over 17 booths and the strategic product exhibitions from each company.

QualComm displayed their smartphone equipped Application Processor (AP) ‘Snapdragon 800’, LG Innotech a “13mega pixel OSI camera module’ with image stabilization functions along with other smartphone components, a flexible LED lighting module, car lamps utilizing LED technology, and digital automobile motors and sensors revealed and many more ICT fusion products.

KETI showcased a wireless power transfer system that increases space usage and movement freedom within the household and 3D space touch key entry system, Samsung Electric had submitted many new technologies suchs as Multi-layer ceramic capacitors along with core component for cell phones, a download increase technology for WiFi modules, and wireless power transfer technologies.

ETRI with the motto of ‘Lighting is not a technology but a culture’, commercialized wireless power technology and supplied LED lighting with power, showing IT convergence, and Panasonic Korea put Tough Book, and Toubh Pad, which are supplied to the Army, Navy, Airforce, and special warfare along with the projectors used in the London Olympics as their main products.

KAMI showed Korea’s sole metal 3D printer, and MERK, an German Chemical/Medical company celebrating their 102anniversary since starting the liquid crystal business, introduced their main liquid crystals.

LG Electronics with the upcoming of 3D public TV, introduced the 3D Cinema Video Wall, Cureved OLED TV that is visible in any angle, and design award winner of KES as their main products, and Samsung Electronics did not back down, showcasing a ultra-definition 85 inch UHD TV, Curved OLED TV, Zippel T9000 Kimchiplus refrigerator that had strengthened separated saving as their main products.

Samsung Electronics also showed the hot ‘Galaxy Note 3’ and ‘Galaxy Gear’ through VIP demonstrations and showed the linkage of the camera between the two devices and the capacity of running over a variety of 60 applications.

SK Hynix, celebrating its 30th birthday this year, showed not only their main technology the DDR3 D Ram and NAND Flash technology but also the 32GB realized high performance server used next generation memory the DDR4 D Ram, and world’s leader in semiconductors Samsung SDS also showed a new product line by overcoming the technical flaws of minute process. They also revealed ‘840 EVO’ and a new generation SSD product line applied with 3D V-NAND for the first time, and with the mobile AP ‘Exynos 5420’ the best performer of system semiconductors, they provided a chance to experience the Octacore multiprocessor.

Also Samsung Display showed the world’s first 98 inch UHD TV, and LG Display the new generation technology Non Glass 3D and a 47 inch Transparent LCD with FHD rated pixels capable of displaying 72 colors, and the worlds thinnest 3.6 mm bezel videowall in the front.

Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun was especially interested in the LG 3D video wall and was checking the product at the LG electronics booth with 3D glasses, and Kim Ki-Nam President of Samsung Display after going through LG display’s booth remarked ‘LGD’s curved OLED panel has improved much more than last year’, as CEO showed great interest in their competing company’s technology.

The 20 electronics CEO who had participated in the VIP tour said in one voice that with the strong market of display and semiconductors the level of domestic electronics and communications market had gone one step further than last year.

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