Samsung’s Innovative Technology at KES 2013 to Lead the Future TV Trend
Samsung’s Innovative Technology at KES 2013 to Lead the Future TV Trend
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Samsung Electronics displays the 85 type and 98 types UHD TV at the entrance of the showroom

Samsung Electronics exhibited a variety of products from to TVs to smartphones with “Itinerary of wonder” as their theme in a 1352sized showroom. At the entrance of the showroom they displayed both the 85 type and 98 types UHD TV which were awarded the KES Innovation Awards for Innovation, showing even from the entrance the large scale of Samsung Electronics’ exhibition.

For the spectators Samsung Electronics prepared “Exhibit of endangered animals with Samsung UHD TV”. This enabled the spectators to indirectly experience the jungle and provided and a different attraction from the regular exhibits.

Samsung Electronics also exhibited other products such as next generation TVs such as the curved OLED TV, Smart TV, and premium home appliances such as the MotionThink vacuum and the Sparkling refrigerator, not to mention the highly popular new smartphone Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear. Samsung Electronics also revealed the world’s largest 96 type LFD and showed that they were still the leader of the display industry.

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