Blackbox Revolution Starts at KES 2013
Blackbox Revolution Starts at KES 2013
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Atomgold Ace k3000 series

Hyundaimedia Ace, a venture company, plans, develops, manufactures, and distributes auto parts and blackbox for cars. Hyundaimedia Ace’s new blackbox for cars “Atomgold Ace k3800” incorporates a multismart system, which is an independently developed technology.

The supercomputer like multismart system is a big improvement from existing universal OS for blackboxs fixing many critical and chronic problems. As with the old technology it was hard to provide perfect multi-tasking and had its limits, especially impacts during driving would cause a buffering in the event file making process and images that with 1~3 seconds or over 10 minutes would temporarily vanish.

Besides the multismart system, the blackbox is applied with over 100 cutting-edge new technologies, such as safety double recording saving for the memory card and an SD card accompanied with saving area ratio configuration.

Hyundaimedia Ace, the developer of Atomgold Ace k3800, owns over 100 sole distributors regarding blackbox selling in Korea, and is recording very stable sales. Besides blackboxs they are steadily research and developing automobile related products, obtaining 13 design patents and manufacturing and distributing over 80 products.

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