Revolutionary 3D Medical Technology at KES 2013
Revolutionary 3D Medical Technology at KES 2013
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Redrover Ltd was founded in 2000, started with university faculty members and researchers developing 3D stereoscopic monitors applied with hologram data storage and optical technology. Today it has grown to be the top company in the 3D specialized equipment industry.

The medical 3D monitor is equipped with a surgical stereoscopic board and has been developed by the support of The Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA). The existing medical imagery technology (Analog Film technology) is quickly being replaced by a digital environment with high-resolution, high-quality, and high-performance. Because of this environment the company has developed a medical imagery technology that has no delay of digital medical video signals and is applied with DICOM technology. The monitors support HDMI 1.4, the standard of muxing and demuxing of 3D signals, and are able to be linked to a medical display ranging higher than 100dpi.

Also from Redrover Ltd is the Medical 3D Stereo-microscope. This integrated 3D microscope system has been developed with KETL, Chung-Buk University, and Konyang University hospital with support from the Nation IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). Older existing medical 3D microscope systems were time-consuming to install and the alignment was slightly twisted even after installation. Redrover’s 3D microscope system fixed these problems by designing the optics and the camera into one integrated system. The system can be utilized in many fields of 3D medical convergence including not only the department of ophthalmology but also otolaryngology, dentistry, and even on brain surgery.

Redrover, with its 10 year experience with 3D stereoscopic technology and know-how from 3D specialized equipment, has been expanding into the contents field. Today they are also producing global animations, and with their self-developed 4D/5D cinema system they are constructing not only 4D movie theaters but also theme parks and is being reformed into an entertainment enterprise.

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