A Variety of Events Soups up KES 2013
A Variety of Events Soups up KES 2013
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The KES 2013, a flamboyant festival of IT devices, is showing off new products developed by participating companies. The KES 2013, as South Korea’s largest electronics and IT show, is also heating up its festive mood with international technology seminars, conferences and a variety of side events.

The Creative Future Forum began with Samsung Electronics Vice President Won-pyo Hong’s keynote speech on “ICT global future strategies” and Chairman of Global Change Ltd Patrick Dixon’s keynote speech on “the future and roles of the ICT industry.” And then opinion leaders from relevant industries held discussions on public happiness that the S. Korean government’s creative economy policy aspires to and the roles of ICT for the creative economy policy.

In addition, predictions about the domestic and global economies, the ICT market and future development strategies have been made and a vision for the future of the ICT industry has also been set out to better inform the public of desirable future directions for the S. Korean ICT industry.

The IT industry Outlook Conference 2014, participated in by general people and ICT experts from industry, academia, the R&D sector and the government, are divided into morning and afternoon sessions to analyze and discuss software & IT services; smart devices & services; the current status and future of the information protection and security market; four most promising technologies expected to lead smart convergence; the outlook for the smart era’s infrastructures and new services; and the outlook for the global ICT market.

Also in the pipeline are a seminar on latest power semiconductor technologies and future outlook; the technology transfer seminar & vendor seminar; a seminar on technologies developed by universities; a seminar on current trends in the semiconductor market; a seminar on South Korea-UAE semiconductor industry cooperation projects and procurement strategies; a seminar on the current status of South Korea’s cutting-edge industries and strategies; a seminar on how to make investment in the Seoul Magok R&D industrial complex; the IMID2013 Business Forum and exhibition; trade consultations for international buyers; Analogue Semiconductor Leaders’ Forum; one-on-one business consultations with invited international buyers; a seminar on the latest micro joining and packaging technology; EMAP/ISMP 2013 ;and a seminar on key technology analyses for the commercialization of power semiconductors Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).

Furthermore, the KES 2013 is newly putting up “Show in Show,” an event dedicated to the fast-growing smart accessories sector and “Industry-academia-R&D EXPO,” which was jointly prepared by Korea Association of University Technology Transfer Management (KAUTM).

Attractions that are too good to miss are also on standby. There are giveaway events designed to wow visitors by raffling off the latest products manufactured by Samsung and LG Electronics, such as the Samsung Zipel refrigerator, UHD TVs, the Bubble Shot 3, drum washing machines, the Galaxy Note, the LG Dios refrigerator, the LG G Pad. And, other numerous side events are in the wings to draw participation from visitors and juice up the KES 2013. For instance, the Matrix Photo Experience Pavilion, equipped with 30 latest cameras, set up to capture the momentary motions of visitors and play photo slide shows in real time. Besides these, for the convenience of the attendees, free shuttle buses are operated from Gasan Digital Complex Station, Seoul Station, Youngsan Station, Habjong Station, and Gangnam Station to KINTEX during the length of the exhibition.

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