Merck shared ‘Vocational Training system in Germany’ at Global HR Forum 2013
Merck shared ‘Vocational Training system in Germany’ at Global HR Forum 2013
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SEOUL, KOREA - Merck Korea (Managing Director: Dr. Michael Grund), the Korean affiliate of Germany-based chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck, shared ‘Vocational Training system in Germany’ at Global HR Forum 2013, which has been held from November 5 to 7, 2013 at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill.

Global HR Forum

This forum is established in 2006 by Ministry of Education, The Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education&Training(KRIVET). World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cutural Organization(UNESCO), British Council, Korea Student Aid Foundation, Korea Council for University Education, Korea Council for University College Education, Korea Invention Promotion Association(KIPA), National Institute for Lifelong Education(NILE), Korea Education and Research Information Service(KERIS) participated as program partners. And this year is the 8th anniversary of this forum.

As globalization has rapidly changed our lives, the boundaries between countries have disappeared and movement of human resources from one country to another has become commonplace. Accordingly, international organizations, governments, corporations, and individuals are required to be globally competitive. The reason global competitiveness of human resources is a key issue is that now everyone, and not just a small number of elites in specialized fields, must compete to survive in the world. Because human resources are the foundation where the prosperity of individuals, businesses, society, and the world is built upon, the governments, businesses, and educational institutions must join efforts to improve the education, training, and utilization of human resources. Global leaders from public and private sectors including global business leaders, government officials, representatives of international organizations, presidents of prestigious universities, and prominent scholars from around the world participated this forum to discuss global HR issues.

On November 6, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak spoke about how Israel has become a global high-tech hub and one of the world’s strongest countries through the power of creative human talents at Keynote Speech. Themes of each track on November 7, the 3rd day of the forum, were: ‘Education of school to change future’ for Track A, ‘Talents which company wants’ for Track B, ‘Skill-oriented vocational training’ for Track C, ‘Developing creative talents’ for Track D. This forum was held to discuss and find out how educational organization and companies can develop and train global talents.

At Track A of the 3rd session Dr. Grund delivered presentation about Vocational Training System in Germany under the topic of ‘Key Competencies for Future Leaders: Social Communication and Collaboration’. As OECD's DeSeCo(Defining and Selecting Key Competencies) project shows, the world is shifting the focus of education from knowledge delivery to core skill building to prepare students for the future. Skills such as communication and collaboration are increasingly becoming more important in today's society where individuals change careers more often or experience earlier retirement. To be able to successfully re-plan one's career and life, one must be capable of communicating and working well with others. At this session, Merck introduced German Vocational Training System which has long history and achievement.

Since 1904, Merck had started R&D of Liquid Crystals after the worldwide first discovery of Liquid Crystal phenomenon in 1888 and has celebrated and led the display industry over 100 years with continuous efforts and contributions. To further support and commitment to the LCD Industry, Merck Korea had established the “Merck Award” for outstanding scientific contributions to display technologies and presented to honorees since the Asia Display/IMID 2004 (the International Meeting on Information Display) in celebration of Merck’s centennial R&D experience in Liquid Crystals. In 2006, the scope of Merck Award was expanded from liquid crystal display technologies to all display technologies. Recently, at the IMID 2013 in Daegu, Merck granted the winners of its “Merck Award” and “Merck Young Scientist Award”.


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