CARTES 2013: G&D Presents Comprehensive Security Solutions for Networked Society
CARTES 2013: G&D Presents Comprehensive Security Solutions for Networked Society
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MUNICH, GERMANY-We are living in an increasingly mobile and networked world in which it is becoming more and more common to operate security-critical applications via digital communication networks.

These developments mean security solutions that protect such transactions against potential threats are of paramount importance. As an international technological leader, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is presenting its comprehensive portfolio of mobile security solutions at the CARTES 2013 trade show in Paris.

G&D’s display at Booth 4 J 001 in Hall 4 presents the company as an end-to-end provider for all areas of digital life. The solutions that G&D will be showcasing at CARTES are particularly aimed at banks and financial institutions that have to guarantee their customers maximum security during payment and identification processes. This includes secure payments using conventional and contactless credit cards as well as payments by smartphone that use the virtual equivalent. CARTES will also introduce other service providers, especially mobile operators, to a wide range of G&D solutions that will enable them to considerably improve the security and efficiency of their device and SIM card management and customer account administration.

Visitors to CARTES 2013 can obtain an overview of G&D’s product portfolio at the company’s presentation area, which covers some 230 square meters. It is divided into four sections that correspond to the four main fields of application for G&D’s solutions: Secure Transactions, Secure Connectivity, Secure Mobility and Secure Identity.

  • The Secure Transactions area is primarily dedicated to mobile payment solutions. Besides its established payment cards, G&D also offers innovative solutions that enable providers to cultivate new distribution channels or develop entirely new potential applications. Banks can use these products to offer virtual credit cards for cell phones, and are even able to deliver PINs automatically via text message. Another of G&D’s solutions, Instant Issuance, simplifies payment card issuance by enabling banks to issue ready-to-go payment or credit cards directly in branch.
  • G&D’s Secure Connectivity presentation area showcases products that enable people and machines to connect securely to communications networks. As the leading subscription management solutions provider, G&D demonstrates how customers can maximize flexibility when managing subscriber rights, be it in the M2M environment or for communication and entertainment applications.
  • Within the Secure Mobility field, too, G&D offers a wide range of unique solutions that meet the highest security requirements. But security isn’t the only feature of mobile apps that can be bettered; user convenience can also be improved thanks to new technologies. Besides currently available ticketing solutions, G&D is also presenting new concepts based on secure UHF technologies. This is a wireless standard that can operate over much greater distances than RFID or NFC technology. A practical example of what this means for users is that it allows them to pass through a controlled entry system without having to remove their ticket or ID from their bag.
  • G&D’s Secure Identity presentation area is dedicated to products and solutions for securely verifying and managing the identification of persons, companies and devices. These include authorization cards and tokens that enable users to conveniently and securely access corporate networks, encrypt sensitive data, and store data in and access the cloud.

CARTES 2013 takes place from November 19 – 21 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. The Giesecke & Devrient display is located at Booth 4 J 001 in Hall 4. Besides showcasing its products and solutions at the presentation area, G&D will also be giving several specialist speeches as part of the CARTES conference program. G&D staff will offer insights into new developments and future security solutions trends.

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