Moneual Gets CES Innovation Awards
Moneual Gets CES Innovation Awards
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SEOUL, KOREA- Moneual is a small company with its sales and employees 200 and 400 times smaller than those of Samsung Electronics. The company, however, is regarded as an innovation leader that stands right behind Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

Moneual, a specialist in IT and home electronics, announced on November 13 that it will receive five innovation awards at the CES that is slated to be held in LasVegas, in the United State early next year.

The award-winning products include a robot vacuum cleaner that works based on monitoring of the state of cleanliness, and a device that uses vibration to inform baby babbles to deaf parents.

Moneual won five innovation awards at the CES in early this year. At next year’s CES, Moneual will receive the third largest number of CES innovation awards among Korean companies following Samsung Electronics (24) and LG Electronics (15).


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