No. of Global SNS Users Exceeds 1.6 Bil.
No. of Global SNS Users Exceeds 1.6 Bil.
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SEOUL, KOREA - The number of social networking service users throughout the world has passed the 1.6-billion level, according to market research firm e-Marketer. The number of people who accessed SNS sites more than once a month this year is estimated at 1.61 billion.

This figure is equivalent to about one fifth, or 22.6 percent, of the global population. This year’s figure is up 8.4 percentage points compared to last year’s 14.2 percent.e-Marketer predicted that the world’s SNS population would rise to 2.3 billion by 2017.

By country, the Netherlands came on top in terms of SNS usage rate, with 63.5 percent of its population turned out to have used SNS services more than once a month, followed by Norway with 63.3 percent and Sweden with 56.4 percent. 

When it comes to Korea, 54.4 percent of its population frequently uses SNS services,followed by Denmark (53.3%), the United States(51.7%), Finland (51.3%), Canada (51.2%),and the UK (50.2%).

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