Qualcomm Offers Diverse Products
Qualcomm Offers Diverse Products
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The Korea IT Show is a bazaar of the imagination where companies from all over the country display their products to all comers. Qualcomm is also displaying quite a lot of its products at the show. A number of them follow.

EV-DO Rev. B

EV-DO Rev. B. enables applications such as mobile TV or streaming music with a concurrent voice calls, or conducting a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) conversation while simultaneously browsing the Internet or transmitting multimedia content over the network. The flexibility of EV-DO Rev. B technology also enables significant network capacity and performance enhancements while leveraging existing network investments and currently deployed devices. High-performance devices could support forward-link data rates of up to 73.5 Mbps, while lower-cost or pre-existing devices could support 4.9 Mbps. Network operators may reduce their costs by allowing a greater percentage of spectrum to be allocated to IP-based services.

Multimedia Platform

Qualcomm plans to showcase enhanced graphic capability with MSM7500 chipsets. MSM7000 series' enhanced graphic function supports 4 mega polygon video, which surpasses existing home video game consoles. During KIS Show, Qualcomm will demonstrate high-resolution 3G graphic, as using high-quality graphic capability.


uiOne can be leveraged across a wide range of handset tiers which benefits everyone in the value chain -- device manufacturers are able to meet operator's customized UI requirements faster, more cost-efficiently and with deeper reach into device capabilities while continuing to differentiate their handsets; operators are able to customize and brand their devices across a broad portfolio of handsets; and end users get one one-click access to the best data services available. This is uiOne.

uiOne, a key offering of the BREW solution, is a logical expansion of features and customization for wireless devices. Consumers are poised and prepped for the next best way to express individuality and uiOne provides them with the unique experiences they're after.

With the uiOne offering, operators, publishers, developers, device manufacturers and consumers have the opportunity to virtually shape wireless technology. And to ensure everything -- colors, fonts, sounds and function -- meets their ideas, goals and visions. True individuality and differentiation begin with uiOne.


As part of its complete package of position-based products and services, Qualcomm offers QPoint location-based services server software and a set of accompanying tools and services to enable mobile network operators to deploy high-performance, compelling location services. Qualcomm works with system integrators to permit them to offer the QPoint solution to operators and hosted providers. Qualcomm's QPoint and gpsOne solutions provide one of the most complete, integrated mass-market location services solutions available today.

MediaFLO System

The MediaFLO System is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed specifically to address the inherent challenges of efficiently and cost-effectively distributing mass volumes of high-quality mobile multimedia to wireless subscribers. The MediaFLO System, comprised of the MediaFLO Media Distribution System and FLO Technology, addresses the usability, network capacity, and device constraints typical of video delivery to a mobile handset. Designed from the ground up with mobility in mind, the MediaFLO System delivers a compelling user experience for the mobile masses.

Operators can leverage the MediaFLO System to increase ARPU and reduce churn by offering enhanced multimedia services. Content providers can take advantage of a new distribution channel to extend their brand to mobile users. Device manufacturers will benefit from increased demand for multimedia-enabled handsets as consumer appetite grows for rich content provided through MediaFLO.

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