Samsung Electronics Market Cap Drops by 12 Tril. Won in Just Two Days
Samsung Electronics Market Cap Drops by 12 Tril. Won in Just Two Days
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SEOUL, KOREA - Amid concerns that Samsung Electronics’ fourth-quarter results would be lower than expected, its market capitalization dropped by 12 trillion won in just two days.

At 11:23 am of January 3, 2014, the shares of Samsung Electronics were traded at the price of 1,291,000 won, down 1.38 percent from a day ago. This was the first time for Samsung Electronics’ share price to fall below 1.3 million won since August 23, 2013.

Samsung Electronics’ market capitalization is estimated at 190.16 trillion won. Compared to the closing day of the year 2013, its stock price fell by 81,000 won or 5.9 percent, with its market cap falling by 11.9 trillion won.

The share price of Samsung Electronics has fallen for six straight days starting from December 24, 2013.

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