Interview with Chairman Kim Shin-bae, Korea Association of RFID/USN
Interview with Chairman Kim Shin-bae, Korea Association of RFID/USN
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Q: How is mobile RFID service outlook

A: As Life Style's diversification and communication dependency becomes higher for modern people the necessity of Ubiquitous service connected with surrounding circumstance information is on the rise. In step with customer needs' diversification, diverse convergence service is forecast to be developed.

Mobile convergence where cameras, games and multimedia functions are added to cellular device, and new concept services such as DMB and cellular Internet emerges, it is forecast to be deepened and developed even more.

Q: What is the present condition for new business models development for mobile communication providers such as SK Telecom and KTF

A: SK Telecom's service basic direction is to forge commercial service groundwork with diverse service model development. There through SK Telecom I serve as CEO and President and aim to create new business opportunities through mobile RFID market and propels Ubiquitous age's society/cultural change.

To projects SK Telecom forward, there are new u-Museum services and u-PIFF services. The u-Museum service is composed so that visitors can experience cutting-edge exhibition information services in order to provide visitors with exhibition material information more conveniently.

The u-PIFF service is a service which was set up during the period of the Pusan International Film Festival held last October 4th through 12th. This u-PIFF service has provided PIFF visitors and guests with diverse information such as real-time news and function schedules through a RFID reader- embedded cellular phone.

KTF's service propulsion basic direction is driving forward centering on locationbased life and a nation-model service.

Q: What is the present condition of overseas inroad for domestic RFID/USN companies

A: Export is forecast to increase 259% in 2007 compared with the previous year. This export amount has increased from approx. 6.5 billion won (US$ 7.1 million) in 2007 to 23.3 billion won (US$ 26.00 million) in 2007 and is expected to increase to approx. 80.4 billion won (US$ 88.10 million) in 2008.

Such export increase pace is forecast thanks to the 13.45MHz band and 900MHz band product's rapid export increase.

As for major export target country for domestic RFID/USN companies, the United States and Japan were the largest major targets with 28.9% respectively, followed by Europe with 18.4% and China with 13.2%.

Especially in the case of China, domestic RFID/USN companies are entering with diverse forms such as branch establishment, on-the-spot partner construction, and factory establishment because RFID demand is forecast to increase with the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo as a momentum.

As for overseas inroad support for domestic companies and international cooperation, our association is unfolding an overseas exhibition and visitor dispatch business to pioneer the overseas market.

As regarding international cooperation with others, a Korea-China-Japan RFID Roundtable has been held since 2006 for the purpose of the civil cooperation enlargement of Asia circles such as Korea, China, and Japan.

Organizations concerned hold substantial cooperation opportunity, discussing necessary activities for mutual market access and agreed items to date will be concluded with the MOU at the fifth Roundtable which will be held in Seoul on Nov. 2007.

Besides, our association is hardening overseas market inroad groundwork for domestic RFID/USN-related companies by publicizing the Korea's RFID latest movement and associated company continuously to the US, England, France, EU, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Singapore and the Middle East's counterparts by maintaining collaboration relations with them.

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