Samsung Engineering and Construction
Samsung Engineering and Construction
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Q: What is the need for u-construction and how will it affect society

A: U-construction is the blue ocean of the construction industry since it has the power to change construction industry into a high valued new industry.

The positive influence of ubiquitous construction is that it benefits the providers in all the aspects of productivity, labor, and disasters as well as benefiting the customers by providing a safe and convenient city life. The negative influence is that a fast changing multi-digital residence environment can invade the resident's privacy if security systems don't develop along with construction.

Q: What is needed to complete U-construction

A: U construction is not just done by a simple construction company.

Government, Construction, the IT industry, and the users have to work together to build ubiquitous construction.

Governments, therefore, should take charge to support it with a strong strategy to set IT infrastructure while the construction companies make new business models based on developed technology.

Q: What makes Samsung Raemian different from other apartment brands

A: The technology itself will not be that different from any other construction companies. However, we thrive on providing an environment to contribute to a healthy and wealthy life based on high technology, anywhere and anytime.

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