Sun, Samsung Synergy Soon
Sun, Samsung Synergy Soon
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Scott G. McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems emphasized the applicability of Java and suggested tight cooperation with Korean global electronic companies when he visited South Korea in September.

He said: "The reason that I visit Korea frequently is that there are many global electronics companies, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, in Korea. Since these companies lead global electronic markets, there would be many possibilities to cooperate with them for the embedded market."

Embedded operating systems play a key role in controlling the function and performance of all electronic home appliances. While existing electronic home appliances are controlled via hardware, new electronic home appliances that include embedded software can dramatically increase their utility.

Since the embedded platform can be applied to all electronic home appliances such as mobile phones, DVD players, and MP3 players, it has infinite possibility. As the application of the open-source Java platform increases in this market, the position of Sun will no longer stagnate in this market.

Samsung house

While explaining the market for embedded platforms, Mr. McNealy made an unprecedented direct reference to Samsung Electronics.

He said: "My children call our new home Samsung house because almost all electronic home appliances in our house are made by Samsung. If Java is applied to consumer computing and mobile computing in DVDs, set-top boxes, and mobile phones, its effectiveness can be maximized."

He also explained the relationship with Samsung by saying: "Although I cannot make pubic the relationship with Samsung, we have had deep and far-reaching discussions about all key technologies."

Accordingly, the IT industry gives attention to the possibility of tight discussion between Samsung and Mr. McNealy to establish a cooperate system. This conjecture by the IT industry is plausible because two companies jointly developed and tested a Java mobile phone last year.

What Mr. McNealy mentioned as cooperative areas included Blu-Ray players, Java-based set-top boxes, and Sun client computing.

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