Chinese Gov't Imposes Antidumping Duties to Korean Polysilicon Makers
Chinese Gov't Imposes Antidumping Duties to Korean Polysilicon Makers
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SEOUL, KOREA - The Chinese government has finally decided to impose anti-dumping duties on imports of Korean-made solar-grade polysilicon between 2.4 and 48.7 percent.
China's Commerce Ministry announced this on January 21 on its website, citing the results of its anti-dumping probe last year and said that China's solar-grade polysilicon industry has "suffered substantial damages" from Korean and U.S. producers, which were accused of allegedly selling their products at below-market prices in China.
Still, the duties are not expected to affect Korean polysilicon in a major way as the most of exports to China are accounted for by OCI and Hankook Silicon Co., which were slapped light duties of 2.4 to 2.8 percent.
In contrast, U.S. polysilicon suppliers such as Hemlock Semiconductor Corp. (53.3%), REC Solar Grade Silicon (57.0%), AE Polysilicon Corp. (57.0%), and MEMC Pasadena Inc. (53.6%) were imposed punitive duties over 50 percent.
As of 2011, OCI was responsible for 85-90 percent of the US$1.2 billion polysilicon exports to China while Hankook Silicon 5-10 percent. Other Korean suppliers that were imposed higher tariff duties such as Woongjin Polysilicon Co. (12.3%), KCC Corp. (48.7%), and Innovation Silicon Co. (48.7%) are currently idling their operations.

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