NCSoft Acquires ISO/IEC20000 Certification
NCSoft Acquires ISO/IEC20000 Certification
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  • 승인 2014.01.23 23:11
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ISO/IEC20000is an international certification for IT service management system, given outby the British Standards Institution (BSI) and verified by the InternationalStandard Organization (ISO).With the certification, NCSoft is proven to provideIT operating services that fully comply with international standards. 

AnNCSoft official said, “We spent about two years to prepare for the acquisitionof this certification. Without external consulting and solutions, we acquired itfor ourselves through strenuous cooperation among our teams.” 

ABSIKorea official said, “NCSoft’s acquisition of the ISO/IEC20000 certificationproves that it can provide world-class IT operating services.”BSI Korea will beengaged in ex-post inspection at an interval of six months and renewalinspection with a frequency of three years.

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