Samsung Electronics Spends about 2.8 Tril. Won for Advertising in 2012
Samsung Electronics Spends about 2.8 Tril. Won for Advertising in 2012
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SEOUL, KOREA - Samsung Electronics’ annual advertising expenditure last year was estimated at around 2.8 trillion won, accounting for more than 14 percent in total advertising spending of domestic companies.

According to’s survey on the audit reports of the domestic companies which reported corporate taxes for 2011-2012, Samsung Electronics spent 2.77 trillion won for ads in 2012.

This figure accounts for 14.41 percent in the total advertising spending (19.23 trillion won) of the 482,574 companies which submitted corporate tax reports in 2012.

Samsung Electronics’ annual advertising spending rose by 96.7 percent, or 1.36 trillion won, in 2012 compared to 1.40 trillion won a year ago, with its share in total advertising spending marking about a two-fold jump from 7.6 percent in 2011.


Forthe January-September period of last year, however, Samsung Electronics’ adspending fell sharply to 690 billion won.Following Samsung Electronics was LGElectronics which spent 594.1 billion won for advertising in 2012, up 11.9billion won from 582.2 billion won a year ago.

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