Increase the Ethiopia ICT
Increase the Ethiopia ICT
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SEOUL, KOREA - This is a freedom story all the world should have to know.

Ethiopian Soldiers

It all starts in June 25, 1950 when war broke out in Korea. The Korean war kills about 1.4 million soldiers and 374,00 civilians. the only reason of the war was the need of freedom by the Korean people.

At that time crossing 15,000 kilometers distance to participate in the foreign country war was almost impossible. Its difficult to think the present Korean advancement and development without the help of 1270 Ethiopian soldiers who came to Korean land to maintain peace and freedom.

EGRD, Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam

During the war quite lot of Ethiopian soldiers sacrificed their precious life without any pre condition merely to maintain peace in the area. The Ethiopian government takes all the bodies of its soldiers who dead in the war back to Ethiopia without burring them in Korea which clearly shows its respect and dignity for ones people. When we look at the Ethiopian Agerigna Amharic SNS usage statistics it shows the wide spread distribution of the Ethiopian people across the globe. Ethiopia has a total population of around one hundred million people out of which eighty six million of them live in the country and the rest fifteen million people lives in foreign countries like United states, Saudi Arabia, Israel and south Korea working or learning for the better future of their country.

why did the first human being originated in this place it's because the area is full of natural resources which are essential for survival of human and its gifted with best climate we can have in the planet. Ethiopia is source of Nile which was the base for early human civilization. The county is also known for its wise people who had founded the one of the worlds magnificent civilization, the Axumite civilization. Ethiopians are people of religion which love and happiness shines through their big eyes. This beautiful land is filled with historical heritage sites and natural resources that everyone should visit there at least one time.

The world, reality and people are all changing from time to time . the changes include from labor productivity to industrial productivity and then to modern era in which give us access to world information from small electronic mobile in our hand. Apple, Google, twitter and face book all are results of the twenty first computer based revolution. one part of the revolution are mobiles that are everywhere these days and even the first thing a new born baby may touch can be mobile phones. peoples use their mobile phones in their home, office, car and seems they cannot live without mobile phones. so Ethiopia needs the ICT infrastructure since it is very crucial for the countries development. one part can be making access available to most of the systems through mobile phone. the other is building institutes like KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ) which will plays the major role in transforming the country. Also teaching students language in that will help them to access computer and internet is the major part of the country's development. solving energy problems and several energy source dams like EGRD ( Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam ) will be the ground base to accomplish the country's vision.


In the 21st century communicating and knowledge is the key for productivity and growth of one’s country. In this Era, the social networking services, SNS, plays important role in letting people share ideas and communicate for better future. Many people no longer send conventional text message to their extensive circle of friends in South Korea. Rather, they elect to use a mobile messenger.


Agerigna is an Ethiopian version of mobile messenger developed by Ethiopian students attending Korea’s Universities. Agerigna, a SNS application, is created to enable Ethiopian peoples to communicate and share ideas using the smartphones and computers. It is designed to help Ethiopian people better communicate with their mobile devices in their own language, Amharic.

Agerigna is the first Amharic enabled SNS smartphone application. Since its launch, Agerigna has attracted over 10000 subscribers from all over the world and the figure is expected to surge as the number of mobile users in Ethiopia has been on the rise, particularly in urban areas. Last year, the number reached 18 million, with 3.4 million of them having access the Internet. Moreover, the Ethiopian government displayed strong willingness to upgrade its 3G-infrastructure network.

Agerigna is not limited to only SNS service, after long research and studding the structure and construction of Amharic language characters, the Agerigna team succeeded to develop an efficient soft keyboard or IME (input method editor) for android smartphones. Since its first release on last December, the Agerigna keyboard is downloaded over 5000 times and the figure is expected to grow when the keyboard is available as embedded on smartphones. We believe that Ethiopian peoples can benefit from Agerigna since it lets them to socialize and communicate using their own language. We also believe that Agerigna applications will also make big influence on smartphone manufacturing companies to include the Amharic Keyboard in their smartphones products.

In 2014 it's expected to have a fierce competition worldwide in Android using products market. When SAMSUNG has leading part in high end android market , companies like LG and PANTECH are preparing to take on the emerging growing African markets. When Korea enters to the African market , its difficult to for companies to survive there.


If we look on the current trend of mobiles, we can easily predict what will happen to the mobile market in 2014. china's big technology companies like LENOVO, HUAWEI and XIAOMI are influencing the market using low price phones.

Recently the vice president of product management for the Android platform in Google, Hugo Barra ,has joined one of china's Smartphone making company Xiaomi. that is a privately owned company that designs, develops, and sells smart phones, apps, and consumer electronics. He will be employed as vice president of Global, making the first company selling smart phones to poach a senior staffer from Google's Android team. He will focus on helping to grow internationally. 

According to the recent report from xiaomi ,the company is working on producing low price smart phones. One of its famous product, HONGMI , which has 4.7 inch display, quad core 1.5GHz processor and 8 mega pixel camera with price of 130 us dollars only. In similar way the Indian electronics company, .Micromax becomes the second big company next to SAMSUNG in Indian market by selling cheap smart phones. since SAMSUNG electronics has all the necessary technology and resources, it is a matter of decision to achieve a great success in the market.

The famous market research agency ,WIA social, reported the total mobile phone subscribers in Russia are almost twice as the population number of the country. That means every individual have two mobile phones. Even though the mobile phone users reach 184% the smart phone penetration is only 34%.In the same way if SAMSUNG gives consideration to the customers' needs in countries like Ethiopian it can be profitable in the market

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