ST Wide Leading Light in LED Modules
ST Wide Leading Light in LED Modules
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The early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes. When it comes to LEDs, ST Wide is trying to be that bird. ST Wide ( are an LED module manufacturing venture company. They have been enjoying high growth by producing competitive products through active research and development projects. The recent surge in ST Wide's sales is mainly attributable to the diligence and endless efforts made by executives and workers in the company.

In recognition of its outstanding results and high possibilities for development, it was designated as one of the most promising export companies by the Small and Medium Business Administration in Seoul in 2005 and 2006 for the second consecutive year, and was selected as a recipient for the export promotion project.

For the merger and expansion of its headquarters and a development research center, it moved from the venture business incubator center in Dobong-gu, Seoul, to the Gyeonggi Northern venture center in Uijeongbu last December. It is expected to accelerate its growth engine in new surroundings, with a quiet and pleasant environment. In the early stage of its establishment in 2004, ST Wide applied next-generation light source LEDs to stand illuminations such as fluorescent lamps, glow lamps and halogen lamps, causing a new change in the illumination market.

Based on its accumulated technology and know-how, it actively advanced into the LED module sector for advertisement from the middle of 2005. In particular, it introduced its independent brand, "LED WIDE" to the market last year and began to receive recognition of its high technology from the industry.

LED products of ST Wide are SMD-type modules so there is no problem in them being applied to the inside of channels with low height, and they can emit strong light without shadow. It was also designed with a non-polar style without classification of plus and minus, enhancing convenience for construction. As LED operate on a direct current style, customers with insufficient electricity technology can use it without concern. At the same time, it has adopted a constant current method to enhance stability, receiving good reputation from the business circle.

It also developed controllers directly and is now producing them. Lee Kang-woo, CEO of ST Wide said, "At present, we are actively developing wire and wireless complex controllers, which are selected as the government's technology innovative development project. If we finish its development and introduce the product to the market in October, we will create new milestone for module controllers for illumination."

It is also developing new products and diversifying its business arena to interior illumination and distribution. Lee said, "In keeping with the development speed of light sources, we will upgrade quality of our products and concentrate efforts on large-scale exports, as our company has received a lot of recognition in our field."

He also said, "ST Wide will become a leading company in the market by pursuing a higher quality of LED modules, the improvement of technology and lowering product prices in the future."

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