As the Technology Evolves, so do the Roles of our Companies
As the Technology Evolves, so do the Roles of our Companies
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Three days in Singapore doesn't seem to be enough time to discuss the revolutionary new technology IPTV, but Junction, organizer of IPTV World Forum Asia, seem to try to make up for that by packing an impressive number of sessions into December 5, 6, and 7. That's right, in the first week of next month IPTV will be the topic of choice in Suntec.

The bare bones stats are quite impressive themselves. There are expected to be over 300 speakers at the event from telecoms, cable, and mobile operators. 2000 visitors from the budding IPTV industry are expected to attend, and over 80 exhibitors will be showcasing their new technologies. Content providers and operators from all over the world will be well-represented. And, to add a flare of mystery to it all, an industrywide party is planned to be held at the Forbidden City. It is rumored to be one of Singapore's leading venues. Who knows what lies within the walls of the Forbidden City After this conference, you will.

Each day of the session is themed around one main idea. The first day is called Telecoms Evolution. From the brochure, the quote of the day is: "Across Asia, telecoms network operators are evolving into service providers, and service providers into television companies, and some IP television companies into media giants. Day One look at the market prospects for IP-based television in the region and investigates the impact video is having on the companies delivering it, and the local markets they serve." This issue is essential, and in Korea's case, the unanswered questions surrounding this idea have kept IPTV off the network for years. The day is divided into four sessions which attempt to answer these questions. The first session is about market dynamics, the second is telco evolution, the third is IPTV evolution, and the last session is the television business. They are scheduled one after another so there is no reason to miss any of the day's scheduled events.

The second day is also packed tightly talks to the theme of Setting the Agenda. Once again, a quote sets the tone for what to expect during the day: "Up until now, IPTV operators have been playing catch-up, trying to force their way into the television business by offering the same thing, only better. But media/communications trends are moving in their favor, introducing content mobility and exploring IP and IMS to enable integrated cross-platform services. Increasingly, it could be the telcos who are setting the agenda." The great interindustry battle will be explained on the first Thursday of December. The four sessions then will be first, content opportunities; second, internet TV; third, personalizing TV; and fourth, delivering a different service.

The third and final day is themed around advertising -- Reaching Markets. "IPTV is many things to many people. Urban centers and rural villages have very different networks but both can be targeted as markets for digital interactive TV, with services optimized for each.

Some telcos are buying into cable and companies who built their media businesses on cable have turned their attention to IPTV. Eventually cable operators will turn to IP switching, and maybe even DSL or wireless to expand their footprint. Day three highlights the value of pragmatism." This is the most interesting aspect of the television evolution trend, in my opinion. Companies have already tried a form of personalized media by trying to offer a million different cable television channels. It was a nice gesture, but channel-surfing is still an important survival skill in today's urban jungle. By personalizing their content offerings further, companies can provide a much better service. This day is also divided into on-demand services, extreme services, multi-service, and a special session for the company IP Cable Asia.

This three day conference has the potential to revolutionize the convergent media industries in all of Asia. Any media professional will be hurt by missing this event. It is in the best interests of every company to go and keep abreast of the impact of technological evolu

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