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Star 2007, I world like to give sincere thanks to all those who have shown deep concerns and support for this event.

As is well known, games have become increasingly important for the cultural contents industry, and are now also playing the role of a growth engine for the national economy. Furthermore, games have now become a mainstream leisure activity, regardless of age and social status, and will shape our future. Considering the industrial and cultural value of the game industry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been striving to make Korea one of the world's top 3 computer game nations in the world, while simultaneously continuing in efforts to eradicate gambling games, protect children from them, and try to form a healthy gaming culture.

At this juncture, therefore, G-Star 2007 carries a significant meaning. As a joyful festival for gamers, as a global business marketplace for businessmen, it is supposed to play an important role. Also, we are sure that this event will provide a good opportunity to present top-notch online games and mobile games to the world, while enhancing our national status as a "strong gaming nation."

Through G-Star 2007, which includes an international game conference, a game league, and export consultation meetings along with many other colorful events, all the buyers at home and abroad, the press, visitors, and gamers will be able to share useful information and to enjoy this wonderful event.

Thank you again.

Kim Jong-min, Minister of Culture and Tourism

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