Exciting Games, Growing Business
Exciting Games, Growing Business
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GStar (www.gstar.or.kr) is settling as a game exhibition that strengthens differentiated business support policy in following with this year's slogan, Exciting Game, Growing Business.

Under the auspices of the GStar Organizing Committee, Korea's representative international game exhibition, GStar, will be busy with the exhibition's program over four days, opening on November 8th in KINTEX, ILSAN with the support of MCT (the Ministry of Culture) and MIC (the Ministry of Information & Communication).

This year, GStar participation companies will reach to a total of 156 games companies, of which 100 B2C companies and 63 B2B companies will take part. Overseas game companies which will have export booths will reach to a total of 68 companies from 17 countries.

Among the domestic online game companies are Nexon, NCSoft, JC Entertainment, Yedang Online, NHN, SKT and T3 Entertainment. Neowiz, CJ Internet, Onnet and more will participate in the B2B pavilion. From overseas companies, a total of 56 game companies from places such as Taiwan, Thailand, England, and Finland will take part in this year's GStar, and representatives from companies including Microsoft, CDC Games and others will be there. 23 arcade game companies including IR Robot and three mobile game companies such as E3net will also take part in, with independent booths.

Local Universities are also getting involved, with names such as Sogang University, Hongik University, Academy of Art University and overseas institutions participating in the Academy pavilion section. GStar which will be held in three KINTEX halls, No.3 hall and No.4 hall will operate with the exhibition companies' B2C pavilion and No.5 hall will be used for all sorts of business facilities, including B2B booth and for export consultations.

Omni-directional export support enlargement.

This year's B2B participation companies have increased twofold with 63 companies, in comparison with last year's 33 companies. The GStar Organizing Committee plans to beef up business support so that exhibition participation companies can create a substantial outcome of omni-directional export support enlargement. In 'The Global Publisher Invitation Export Consultation Meeting', which will be held in the B2B pavilion over two days on Nov. 8th and 9th, business meeting are conducted between 68 overseas game publishers from the Americas, Europe and 17 Asia nations, and 100 domestic companies. On November 9th, GStar investment consultation meeting will be held, during which full-scale one to one business meetings between domestic game publishers and overseas major area Venture Capitalists will be held. Major strategic, financial investment companies also will take part including HSBC Capital, Daiwa Capital, Intel Capital, JAFCO, THQ and more.

What is more, 'Business Matching' overseas major game publishers and domestic game business circles, as well as the persons concerned procedures, will be held in its exhibition venue B2B pavilion over the four days. Already 200 meeting schedules have been reserved, as it is a practical venue. Substantial publicity should be attained about home-made IT products, including a variety of games.

Over two days on November 8th and 9th, KGC (Korea Game Conference), the largest game conference in Asia, is held in KINTEX second floor and third floor conference room. This year's KGC, which will be called 'Toward a Reality beyond a Fantasy', prepares a total of 80 sessions. Since, in particular, KGC lecture opportunity will be provided to GStar participation companies, a total of 6 game publishers such as GNi, e Wave proceed overseas game market as well as community circumstance and their lecture regarding the latest technological advances.

To smoothen bidirectional communication NCsoft takes part in this year's GStar with the company's game portal 'PlayNC pavilion'. Including AION, NCsoft exhibits Points Blank, Punch Monster and more. JC Entertainment presents action RPG GhostX, a war hero story 'Heroes In The Sky' and so forth. Nexon which participates in this year's GStar with the largest booth of 90 booth scale, decorates the game publisher's exhibition pavilion with a total of 8 games.

NHN showcases new concept casual game package service Gamepack; and SK Telecom also present mobile games such as 3D, Network and Casual as well as online games. Yedang Online is going to demonstrate its popular dance game Audition and Ace Online games, and Microsoft decorates XBOX360 demonstration zone to Volvo vehicle. E3Net will introduce Dance Battle Audition, an online game version of the popular game.

For the GStar Award, which selects the most popular game and is awarded by a total of 100 journalists on the scene, hot competition of GStar participating game publishers has already begun. In 'The GStar Game League Tournament' , which regards the general public as its object, gamers' interest is being amplified. For this GStar Game League Tournament, 4 online games such as 'Audition' (Yedang Online), 'Shot Online' (OnNet), and 'Sudden Attack' (CJ Internet) were selected as formal competition games items.

The GStar Organizing Committee said: "As the number of 160,000 visitors who visited last year GStar exhibition venue shows, interest in games from users at home and abroad was amplified according to the domestic game industry base enlargement." Because overseas game exhibitions such as E3 are proclaiming B2C field's entrenchment, GStar will also strive to do well in an exhibition which will smoothen bi-directional communication between game publishers and users, the Organizing Committee said.

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