Assuming Leadership of 4G Standardization
Assuming Leadership of 4G Standardization
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The WiBro standard, another name for Mobile WiMax, was adopted as the Information and Telecommunication Union's (ITU) 3G mobile communication standard. As a result, Korea is in position to assume leadership of 4G mobile communication standardization in the coming years. This would harden Korea's position as an IT power.

For the sake of WiBro standardization propulsion, TTA ( established the Portable Internet Project Group (PG302) in June, 2003. Through a total of 200 meetings in which roughly 300 WiBro experts have been participating from 60 TTA member companies, the organization has been developing domestic WiBro standardization over four years.

PG302 aimed to propel international standardization from its beginning. As a result, PG302 has reflected domestic WiBro technology into IEEE 802.16 by constructing its cooperation relation with IEEE 802.16 in January 2004. In the ITU-R WP8F conference held on January of this year, the IEEE 802.16d/e standard-based Mobile Wimax technology WiBro was proposed under the name of OFDMA TDD WMAN as one among IMT-2000 technology.

In the WP8F conference held in Kyoto, Japan last May, a total of 9 assessment groups including the TTA assessment group discussed the assessed outcome intensively. Opposite camps in China have raised points such as handover, multimedia service support, and circuit exchange services among IMT-2000 minimal performance requirements.

Accordingly as China's opposition fact was specified, it has become unclear at that time whether or not WiBro standard will be adopted. Further discussion was made in SG8 too held in Geneva last June, but no agreement was reached. In order to help the technological understanding of WiBro, Korea proposed a WP8F special session at the end of August in Korea. In the WP8F special session, sympathy was formed that Mobile WiMax technology is possible to offer seamless service regarding handover. With regard to multimedia service support, sufficient discussion got done technologically. Circuit exchange services found mutual consent through an agreement with the opposite camp.

Since then, Mobile Wimax has made a brilliant achievement which is adopted as an international standard by receiving support from all nations all over the world except for China in RA- 07 held in Geneva in the middle of October this year. TTA side emphasized: "With the adoption of this international standard, Korea is in a good position to be able to assume leadership of 4G mobile communication standardization which will be proceeded in the years to come, consolidating our location as an IT power."

In the coming years, TTA is scheduled to capture 4G mobile communication's standardization too in earnest which will be started in the beginning of 2008. In particular, TTA is slated to put its heart and soul together so that TTA can lead international standardization by developing domestic 4G technology standard and WiBro evolution technology standard through 3GPP, 3GPP2, IEEE 802.16 and with the cooperation of China and Japan.

In this RA-07 Conference, a total of 20 persons from Korea took part from the MIC, TTA, ETRI, Samsung Electronics, KT and SKT and 800 standard experts in the field of an electric wave communication participated in from all over the world.

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