Coexistent Development Needed
Coexistent Development Needed
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In the center of Korea LCD industry which is running fast global number one position, Samsung LCD Business is rightly playing an important centripetal force role.

At the 3rd 'CVCE 2007' (November 6~8, Dankook University, Cheonan), Samsung Electronics LCD Business showcases the latest LCD product as well as next-generation display products in large numbers including 40 inch Full-HD LCD panel which reduced up to 10 mm, one third level of established product thickness plus showcasing diverse digital signboard which will substitute outdoor poster in public venues. By equipping itself with full lineup from 40 inch to 82 inch, Samsung LCD Business plans to pioneer outdoor advertisement market in the van besides exhibiting 40 inch, 46 inch, 52 inch, and 70 inch 120Hz Full HD product at the same time, according to the company's officials.

On the occasion of the 3rd 'CVCE 2007', Samsung LCD Business officials say: "To become the most real display power, we must make not only panel, but also material and equipment as top-notch." They predict that Korea display industry is forecast to create value added over 100 trillion won (US$ 108.9 billion) in 2015 if we combine panel, equipment and component material.

Korea has been a latecomer of LCD industry till the 1990s in the past, but ranked first thanks to bold investment, fast product technology development, and production technology improvement. Value added which is generated by LCD industry, reaches to approx. 57 trillion won (US$ 62.1 billion) for this year alone. Centering around LCD industry complex located in Tangjeong, Asan, this Crystal Valley creates enormous value added to Chungcheong Nam Do.

Since having started LCD business in 1991, Samsung Electronics has ushered world display industry and settled as the best LCD business company in the world. By developing 40 inch LCD panel development for TV in 2001, 57 inch LCD panel development in 2003, and 82 inch super large-sized LCD panel in 2005 which jump over size's boundary, Samsung Electronics made one stroke in LCD history once more. Samsung Electronics Tangjeong LCD Business possesses 7-1,2 lines which use worldwide first 7G (1,870mmX2,200mm) board while producing with priority given to 40 inch and 46 inch TV panel. From August, this year, the company produces 52 inch TV panel in the most cutting-edge 8-1 line which applied 8G (2200mmX2500mm) board.

Business circles predict that with 8-1 line's 52 inch panel production, Samsung Electronics would preoccupy its superiority in 52 inch LCD market too following 40, & 46 inch panel's standardization. Moreover, Samsung Electronics shows off the highest technology power in the world by producing 70 inch LCD panel, the largest size among mass production products.

In the meanwhile, Samsung Electronics LCD Business has been leading business circles through well-times selection and intensive investment, according to the company's officials. But in this display market, competition is becoming more cutthroat such as Japan which dreams of its rebirth, Taiwan which gives chase to us awfully, and China which takes part in market anew.

To stand at the top by going through such cutthroat competition, coexistence development through which the front and the rear industries needless to say panel manufacturer compete fairly and cooperate, is needed, they said.

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