KTH Back in Profit, First in 4 Years
KTH Back in Profit, First in 4 Years
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  • 승인 2014.02.19 00:17
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SEOUL, KOREA - KTH, a specialist in software development, announced on February 17 that it posted an operating profit of 2.2 billion won last year.This was the first time for KTH to achieve an annualized operating profit in four years. It suffered an operating loss of 7.4 billion won in 2012.

Sales grew 2.7 percent to 130.3 billion won, with net profit rising 12.9 billion won to 2.3 billion won.KTH attributed the strong results to its efforts to reduce the deficit-causing factors by restructuring the businesses which remained sluggish over the past three years, plus the steady growth of its SI and SM business.

Another factor behind the improved performance is the new business T Commerce, which launched commercial services, leading to an increase in sales.

The sales of content distribution business which is responsible for supply of movies through new media platforms, increased 15 percent year on year, while the T Commerce business, a two way data-based TV shopping broadcasting, handled 20 billion won worth of goods and services last year.

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