Incessant Efforts to Make CVCE 2007 Successful
Incessant Efforts to Make CVCE 2007 Successful
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The Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency (CNDCA) is one of organizers of CVCE (Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition) 2007, which is scheduled to open at the Cheonan Campus of Dankook University. On the occasion of this event, IT Times met up with Professor Lim Sung-kyoo, who is in the CNDCA as director of External Cooperation Business Group. The interview with him is mainly focusing on the current situation of external cooperation for CVCE 2007 and the key tasks for the success of Crystal Valley. We also heard about his suggestions for a successful CVCE.

Concerning the current situation of the external cooperation activities for Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition 2007, the first thing we had to was to invite some of the prominent personalities of the display industry at home and abroad so that CVCE 2007 could provide visitors with valuable information on display- related technologies, industry, and its market. To this end, the event organizers have done their best to make contact with as many key people as possible in the display industry, while conducting PR activities for CVCE 2007. Also, many efforts have been made to invite display-related companies - as many as possible, in fact - and these efforts had to begin with domestic companies.

With regard to the key tasks for the success of Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition, Professor Lim pointed out the following: first of all, the cooperative system among the industry, university, and research institute should be made. Secondly, more display-related companies at home and abroad have to be brought to this area, giving support and incentives. Thirdly, to step up the globalization of local display industry and to upgrade CVCE to an international level, the expansion of infrastructure and facilities such as a convention center and hotel are badly needed. Finally, the Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency. We need it, as it greatly contributes to the development of the display industry in this area.

Meanwhile, display is a strategic industry for Chungnam Province. Because of this, over the years, both local and central governments have given much support to the display industry for R&D and human resources. As a result of these efforts, much improvement has been made in the R&D of the display industry in this area, and also human resources including industrial experts and skilled workers have been developed and strengthened.

There are other achievements made by the Crystal Valley Conference and Exhibition in the past two years. For this event, CVCE authorities have made every effort to invite a lot of industrial experts as lecturers, and these efforts have succeeded in having favorable effects. For the past two years, many key personalities have given lectures at CVCE academic meetings, including Samsung Electronics, Sony, Osram, Philips, and SID.

From now on more efforts will be made to build a close relationship with foreign companies. During the period of CVCE 2007, an Industry Dinner is to be held to provide meaningful meetings for domestic businessmen and foreign entrepreneurs in the display industry, making it possible to exchange business ideas and share information.

A lot of display-related companies are gathering in the Cheonan and Asan area of Chungnam, forming a display cluster, and gradually growing into a worldwide display industry hub. Therefore, for early globalization and the advancement of the domestic display industry, international academic meetings and exhibitions are required to be activated and to be held more often. However, current infrastructure and facilities such as a convention center and hotel are not large enough to accommodate such international events. Along with the expansion of domestic infrastructure and facilities, close cooperation and relationship with related international organizations and companies should also be set up to make the international event of CVCE successful.

Meanwhile, Lim, a professor of Dankook University specializing in Electronic engineering, is actively making researches on LCD backlight and related parts. He is also assuming the position of chairman of Academic Committee of SID (Society for Information Display). Now he is now striving to make the third CVCE 2007 even more of a success than its predecessors.

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