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Q: Could you give us a brief explanation as to what the CVCE 2007 is

A: The Cheonan and Asan area are rapidly establishing their names as a worldwide display mecca. The world's largest LCD module production lines have been established in this area, and display-related small and medium-sized businesses are rushing to Cheonan and Asan, forming a display industry cluster. This area is well equipped with an educational infrastructure. There are universities and research institutions that can provide well-trained professionals and researchers for display industry. Because of this infrastructure, the industry, university, research institute, and government have cooperated to establish CNDCA (Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency) in order to promote the display industry. The CVCE 2007 is the third international conference and exhibition, and has a vision of becoming a new centre of the international display industry.

Q: How important is this event

A: Samsung Electronics is a world-class LCD producer. Because of this, Chungnam Province is in a good position to become the center of the display industry, including equipment and devices, materials, parts and modules. To develop this display industry as a growth engine for Korea, more close cooperation among industries universities, institutions, and the government is needed. The CVCE is supposed to play a critical role in this.

Q: What is the vision behind CVCE 2007

A: We hope to make this "Crystal Valley" a worldwide display hub. In order to realize this vision, we have made an investment plan of 169 billion Korean won (about US$ 186 million) to be executed until 2010. We are now forming a display R&D cluster, aiming high to be a display hub in the Northeast Asia.

Q: We know that you are also assuming the position of president of SFA Engineering Corp. What is the story behind that

A: SFA is a spin-off from Samsung Techwon in 1998, specializing in factory automation. At the time of foundation, about 250 engineers and specialists with the experience of more than 15 years have invested in this company's stocks. That is to say, SFA is based on ESOP (employee stock ownership plan). So all the staff members do their jobs voluntarily and willingly. Over the years, SFA has continued with an annual growth of more than 30%, and last year it achieved sales of 380 billion won (US$ 416 million). At present, this company has core technologies of its own including system engineering and mechatronics technology. Considering the fact that Cheonan and the Asan area are developing into a flat panel display cluster, SFA is preparing a worldscale clean room production facility, contributing to the advancement of Korea's display industry.

Q: Could you tell us briefly about your management philosophy and business plans

A: My management philosophy can be summarized briefly as follows: three nos and three yeses. Three types of no are: no accidents, no loans, and no deficits. Three yeses are: yes to employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and shareholder satisfaction. We are driving innovation of "ACE 123," which means the sales of 1 trillion won, annual cost savings of 20%, and the world's best products - 30 items. As of now, SFA has succeede dinproducing9world's first devices and 11 of the world's best products.

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