Crystal Valley, Center of World Displays
Crystal Valley, Center of World Displays
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The third CVCE (Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition) 2007 is scheduled to open at the Cheonan Campus of Dankook University from November 6 to 8. The name CVCE comes from the display cluster "Crystal Valley", which is now being formed by Chungnam Province, and is supposedly the largest in the world. The CVCE 2007 has been organized by Chungnam Display Cooperation Group, Chungnam Display R&D Cluster, and Chungnam Display Education Consortium. Supporting organizations are as follows: The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Corning Precision Glass, Samsung SDI, SFA, Chungnam Techno-Park, Cheonan City, and Asan City. This flat panel display conference and exhibition with 180 booths is expected to attract over 15,000 visitors.

As of 2006, display-related exports from Chungnam accounts for more than 50% of Korea's total exports. In this respect, this event carries an important meaning -- it will make a great contribution to the promotion of Chungnam display clusters; representing the future of Korea's display industry. Organizers are keen to point out the benefits. Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency (www.crystalvalley. org) said, "The development of display industry necessitates a solid cooperative system among the industry, university, research institute and government. It demands an active R&D network for the exchange of human resources, information and technology. That is why CVCE 2007 will play a significant role." At the same time, annual meetings of CVCE on an ongoing basis will enable Cheonan and Asan area to build up a solid network like the US's Silicon Valley, forming a dynamic cluster, and laying the foundation for a display industry hub.

On November 6, 700 guests from home and abroad will come to the opening ceremony of CVCE 2007. The conference includes such themes as LCD, PDP, OLED, and future display. Along with the exhibition, a "recruiting fair" is set to be held. In addition, consultations for export will be made on the spot. For easy understanding and vivid experience, special event halls such as the Ubiquitous Health Experience Hall, Display Education Hall, and Game Zone have been made, increasing the opportunity for education and interest.

CVCE is a conference for industries, universities, research institutes and the government, which has been organized in order to promote the display industry, the main industry of Chungnam. Its main missions include: to support the formation of display R&D clusters, to encourage display-related companies at home and abroad, to perform PR activities, and to participate in international exhibitions. Also in connection with the MOCIE's (Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy) R&D cluster programs, CNDCA is operating the following: an R&D business group, a human resources development business group, and an external cooperation business group. It also joins hands with Chungnam Display Center in an effort to build a support system for many related companies. It also has established a Small Business Support Center, providing educational and cultural services.

Meanwhile, according to the CVCE report, although this event will be held in the Chungnam provincial area, the participation rate of the metropolitan area's companies accounts for more than 50%. More and more manufacturers and equipment makers are coming to this event every year. This means that through this event, companies' concern about CVCE has steadily increased. So more visitors and companies are expected for this year. Kim Jae-il, chief of CVCE secretariat, said, "Year after year, CVCE is attracting more and more people's attention. The reason is that this event presents not only new products and new technologies, but also provides a good opportunity to share information necessary for competitiveness enhancement.

In addition, it also helps to build a network among equipment, parts, and module makers." He went on to say, "Furthermore, participating companies will be able to make export consultations with overseas buyers on the spot, while taking the opportunity to increase investment through IR (investor relations) activities. For these reasons, more and more companies are paying attention to this event."

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