A Turning Point: Opportunity, Crisis Intersect
A Turning Point: Opportunity, Crisis Intersect
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In the standpoint that Chungnam crosses half of the entire relative importance of Korea's display-related product's export amount as of 2006, the 3rd CVCE (Crystal Valley Conference & Exhibition) 2007 to be held from Nov. 6th to 8th is forecast to serve as a meaningful international conference as well as exhibition in nurturing Chungnam display cluster and presenting Korea's display industry's development & its future.

The Chungnam Display Cooperation Agency (www.crystalvalley.org) which supervises this conference & exhibition, expected that CVCE would take charge of a window role to spearhead world display industry. This Agency's officials responsible for CVCE conference & exhibition spoke, "CVCE conference & exhibition holds many significance in a circumstance in which the necessity of constructing brisk R&D network such as high-grade manpower exchange at home & abroad, information circulation and technology recreation raises its head based on display industry-related international educationalindustrial connection cooperation system in Chungnam region."

Competing country's restraint becoming rough

Then, in which position is Korea's display industry right now In a word, display experts explain, "Korea's display industry is greeting a turning point in which opportunity and crisis intersect each other." As the Korea Display Industry Association, a centripetal force for business circles, is born, what the cooperation system toward the most powerful display power has been constructed, provides an ideal opportunity for us. However, the restraint from Japan, China and Taiwan is becoming rough as time goes by. Fortunately, Korea is assessed to hold the strongest panel mass production technology in the world. Aggressive investment also is possible because panel manufacturers' capital power also such as Samsung and LG is profound.

Experts emphasize, "Korea can rise to its full-scale orbit as the strongest display power anyone can't catch up with if we utilize a good opportunity with such a cutting- edge." In conjunction with this, the Korea Display Industry Association president Lee Sang-wan underlines, "If we emboss that Korea industry development gears into directly world display industry development by means of activities which coincides with global standard, we will be able to be treated as the most strongest display power both nominally and virtually."

Profound panel manufacturers' capital power

Display is evolving ceaselessly, according to display experts. Display's development is trouble-free from 'a person with a potbelly' braun tube to 'slender' LCD and PDP and in addition up to 'Dream's display AM OLED' which materializes natural color as it is. The day when flexible display will appear, is not far. To put it in a nutshell, display is a golden fishing grounds as well as an eternal growth engine whose market scale rises vertically yearly.

Korea was a latecomer in display industry, but thanks to bold investment and fast technology development, Korea rose to global No.1 position. Korea accounts for No.1 in all display parts of LCD, PDP, and OLED, but the pursuit of outpaced Japan, and challengers such as latecomers Taiwan and China are becoming rough day by day.

Only when we fight back appropriately at this juncture, Korea can keep its display power's position, experts point out. As display evolves, this industry is boiling up. World display market scale is forecast to surpass US$ 100 billion in 2008 from US$ 39 billion in last 2003, according to market survey company 'DisplaySearch'.

Three times has skyrocketed vertically in no more than 5 years and such growth pace is likely to be trouble free because display's growth curve is forecast to rise with a staircase feature each time new market such as AM OLED and flexible display is added to today's main force LCD and PDP.

Trouble free display's growth pace

Korea is dreaming of the leading power of display industry, an eternal growth engine. Compared with Japan, a frontrunner, Korea's development history in LCD, PDP and OLED was behind 10 years in the past, but Korea is already waving its flag at the top by fields with our peculiar quickness and appreciative eye about the future. Accordingly, Korea's world market share last year accounted for global No.1 position with LCD 36.3%, PDP 52.7%, and OLED 39.9%. As we invest largesized capital boldly and outrun Japan's production/manufacturing technology although we were behind in terms of the source technology, Korea constructed the inner citadel of 'Display Power'. However, challengers' pursuit such as outpaced Japan and latecomers Taiwan as well as China is becoming rough day by day. These countries are ready to share a bed with enemies such as technology exchange and strategic tie-up with banners flying, 'Down with Korea!'. Actually, Korea held the first rank in PDP in terms of market share by nation last year, but handed over the first rank company title to Japan Matsushita. In the case of LCD, Korea remained in going before merely 0.1% point than Taiwan in terms of turnover. The crisis sense of the rear industry such as equipment, component and material which can't narrow gap with Japan easily is more severe. At the slightest slip, the leadership is about to go over to Taiwan and China which go before us in terms of price competitiveness. But Korea's confrontation also who stands opposite, began. The Korea Display Industry Association the largest rival Samsung and LG launched by teaming up with each other, is its starting point. Yet, association officials pointed out, "In order to become the most strongest display power, solution tasks are not a few because we have to make not only panel, but also component and material as topnotch." Association officials stressed that if Korea display industry is upgraded one notch higher centering around its display association, Korea's display industry will be able to create enormous value-added over annually 100 trillion won (US$ 109 billion) from 2015. So the change to be reborn into an eternal power in an infinite growth industry display market is the start from now on.

Enormous valueadded over annually 100 trillion won

The grand slam Korea accomplished in LCD/PDP/OLED in last 2004, has been continuing for three consecutive years till last year. What is the secret Korea raised from edges to a hub of world display industry in a short time and tide of no more than 10 years Japan, Taiwan and China always want to copy Korean Display tech. This is because of Korea's ceaseless challenge. What Korea went before one step in mass production technology with ceaseless R&D although we were behind than Japan in the source technology development, is assessed to be a representative example.

One step advanced investment and new standard creation too can't be neglected. By making a stepping stone of what Korea invested one step earlier in 6G and 7G LCD line, the largest size in the world, Korea created 30 inch and 40 inch level LCD market for TV, barren land and wrote LCD history anew, breaking 100 inch LCD wall for the first time.

What PDP and OLED was able to rise to world top position too by leaving out Japan, a frontrunner, in a short period time than LCD, was possible because bold innovation and challenge spirit which experienced in LCD, were geared at it is. Korea's change and challenge distinguish itself in not only market command, but also in cutting-edge technology research as well. In USA SID, the largest academic conference in the world, Korea has been maintaining its unmoving No.1 position in terms of paper announcement number, pushing down the source technology advanced countries Japan and USA as well as announcing over 100 papers yearly since 2005.

But Korea's standing is not a broad and level highway. Japan which proclaimed display's rebirth and a latecomer Taiwan caught up with us up to the tip of the chin in market share of PDP and LCD each and China also equipped itself with cheap labor power, profound market and large scale support from market and government is an ambush.

Business circles officials point out, "In order for Korea to maintain global leadership, innovation strategy which goes before one step earlier is needed ceaselessly in new technology development and next-generation display commercialization too, needless to say Full HD panel development."

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