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Q: What's your opinion of Asan development's potential and outlook


A: Asan has been showing rapid pace since its population surpassed 200,000 in November 2004. As of the end of June, 2007, Asan's population was around 220,000.


Based on the most cutting-edge industry such as autos, semiconductors, and LCDs, Asan is emerging as a hub of the Korean economy by accomplishing 118% of Korea's trade figures of US$16 billion with US$19 billion in 2006.


Moreover, if Asan develops into a self-sufficient complex city in which city and farm village harmonize through a resource circulation-model environmentally- friendly agriculture cluster nurturing and a farm village, and completes city development projects such as Asan New City's development, Onyang circle city environment consolidation project and others, our city will come to serve as a pivotal city in the central district of population of around 800,000 in 2025.


Q: What are Asan's measures to guarantee agreeable city construction


A green, cutting-edge, city-smart Asan is our goal for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the citizens. I believe that it is fundamental to secure green space to the maximum, for example through park projects all over the city.


Q: What are your plans to inspire citizen-consciousness into the residents


A: Identity and local pride are relatively weak in our City. To cope with such a rapidly-changing environment, I believe that accompanying civic affairs operations for citizens is needed. Accordingly, it is above all important to establish Asan's identity with local patriotism.

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