Display Industry Suzerain
Display Industry Suzerain
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With the forthcoming Chungnam Crystal Valley Exhibition to be held at the beginning of November as a momentum, Chungnam Asan City is becoming anew an object of attention as a mecca of the LCD industry complex from participants and visitors at home and abroad.

Tangjeong T/C stands in the very middle of Crystal Valley, located in a site of approximately 230,000 square meters in the Asan city of Tangjeong, which will serve as a hub of the world LCD industry. Samsung Electronics, S-LCD, Samsung Corning and other companies are producing panels for large-sized LCD TVs, high valueadded products, here.

Asan City Mayor Kang Hee-bok, who had an interview with the Korea IT Times about Chungnam Crystal Valley, said: "For the sake of LCD Cluster construction, Asan will firmly consolidate the city's base as a display industry suzerain area because a display industry belt of 730,000 square meters in the world is expected to be built."

The LCD industry is short in life cycle compared with large-sized investment and exact demand predictions about the future are difficult. So in order to secure competitiveness superiority in the world market, fast investment and economy actualization are pivotal.

In conjunction with this, Mayor Kang stressed: "Administrative support of the government level is urgent so that swift investment can be attained in an appropriate time because LCD industry is a representative winner takes all industry." In that regard, he believes that Asan City and Chungnam Province's aggressive support and organic cooperation system account for a big share in the success of Tangjeong T/C.

However, he pointed out: "In the case of Tangjeong T/C, located in Chungnam, away from the Metropolitan area, there are a series of difficulties in operating a factory or attracting excellent manpower due to the shortage of infrastructure facilities such as roads, education, culture and residential facilities." In addition, since it is very difficult to secure additional grounds and extra lots due to skyrocketing land prices, more aggressive support from not only a local autonomous entity, but also the central government, is urgent, Kang says.

Tangjeong T/C will write another LCD's history as the most cutting-edge industry complex in which the spearhead and nature harmonizes.

Poised to form the largest scale's display industry belt

Regarding Asan's plan for the cutting- edge industry city, Kang explained: "Asan City which shows the most dynamic and fastest growth as a hub city of the west sea coast circle can be said to stand already in the center of the Republic of Korea." Asan City is an area which possesses the most development potential from among the cities on the West sea coast, according to Kang. He states that Asan City stands already in the center of the Korean economy as the city is number one nationwide for trade with figures of US$ 19 billion and is also number two nationwide in exports with figures of US$ 23 billion.

He goes on to say that Asan City is emerging rapidly as a hub city of Korea because the city forms a traffic network running in all directions. High speed rail, the metropolitan area subway, and the East-West highway all converge there. Additionally, the Asan Bay Free Economic Zone designation waits.

In the years to come, the Mayor expressed big expectations by saying that Asan City is expected to expand by equipping itself with powerful growth engines centering around cutting-edge industries such as the largest Tangjeong LCD complex in the world, Asan Techno Valley, and the western cutting-edge industry complex. In the case of Tangjeong LCD complex, Asan City is keen on forming Dunpo Asan Techno Valley to forge a component supplier location by 2008 as civil investment is attained as planned.

By nurturing marketing and exhibition/convention industry intensively by propelling the World Display Expo and by expanding the R&D base through functional connections with Daedeok Innopolis, the Mayor committed himself to nurturing a worldwide stronghold city of high valueadded cutting-edge display industry.

He also said that Asan City wants to form an electronics/information accumulation industry complex which is connected with the community balanced development, regional finance ability's enlargement and establishing the Tangjeong industry complex.

Another LCD history

With regards to priority policy within his tenure, Kang said: "Asan City strives to build a smart city with a vision of a Green Digital World City". He pointed out that Asan is emerging rapidly as a key part of the Korean economy by accomplishing exports of US$23 billion and trade black figures US$19 billion in 2006, based on the most cutting-edge LCD Cluster Tangjeong Crystal Valley and Inju Complex's auto industry and semiconductor industry.

What is more, Asan is beefing up its agriculture competitiveness by nurturing a resource circulation model environmentally- friendly agriculture cluster. The Mayor says Asan City plans to secure its R&D stronghold by inducing research institutions into industry complexes and R&D special zone designations and aims to develop into a scientific education city through Chungnam's foreign high school attraction, the education zone's propulsion and more.

Alongside these projects, Asan has a city's balanced development and longterm development plan under way by driving forward the Onyang circle reconsolidation project.

Accordingly, Mayor Kang says he believes that Asan will be settled as the most cutting-edge green city in which a population of 800,000 can enjoy a comfortable and agreeable life in a resort city near a big metropolitan area and the future-model complex city in the coming years.

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