LG Smart TV Web OS Certified by UL and Intertek
LG Smart TV Web OS Certified by UL and Intertek
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Seoul, Korea - LG Electronics announced on March 4 that its new smart TV platform Web operating system passed the user convenience verification of a string of overseas certification agencies like Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Intertek.


The North American standard certification unit UL and the international performance certification agency Intertek strictly evaluated how conveniently users can use the Web OS platform.

Among the highly acclaimed functions of the Web OS platform include the function of moving instantly to the TV application on the launcher (menu bar), the function of moving to the contents through the Live Menu, and the function of using animation character to ensure easy initial settings.

LG Smart TV acquired the “voice and motion recognition function” certification from the UL, first in the world, last year. The LG Smart TV, applied with the Web OS, is designed to maximize the user convenience under the concept of simple switch, simple search, and simple connection.

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