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Q: We understand that this year's Design Korea 2007 was a great success.

A: International scale's Good Design exhibition Design Korea 2007 is an international conference authorized by ICSID [The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design] officially. At this Design Korea 2007, design promotion institutions, design special companies, and design leading companies from world major countries take part and provides them with an opportunity to compare and visit worldwide design trend and the latest design product. Year after year, this Design Korea is becoming as an international business exhibition of design field. For the sake of substantial exhibition composition in the hopes of inducing many design special companies, main exhibition space was enlarged from 7,300 square meters to 9,700 square meters to provide opportunities for special business.

Q: Korea Design Center, operated by KIDP, is highlighted as an intelligent building. What is this center's function and special feature

A: Korea Design Center is becoming a benchmark object from world design business circles with the largest scale in the world and its design infrastructure. Its design experience hall among major facilities is a learning venue for design experience which is composed with 6 theme halls and 14 corners.

Q: Since inauguration, what has been your most priority emphasis and what is your most wishful task in the years to come

A: In order to make Korea as a creative country, I believe that KIDP's role is very pivotal. Once I inaugurate, I concentrated KIDP organization's innovation on business innovation and organization innovation. By converging the nation's opinion through several stages to be able to cope with diverse customer's needs, KIDP carried out customer-oriented organization innovation.

If my activity over last one year has been concentrated on domestic side, I want to turn my eyes to overseas in the months to come.

Globally, the importance of design management and public design are being stressed. As these two fields can exert an important influence on allowing our country to be entered into design advanced country, KIDP will cooperate with world design business circles so that our country can carry out an initiative role in these two fields.

Q: Please state your management and policy philosophy as KIDP CEO and president.

A: As everybody knows, today became an age design assumes leadership of industry innovation. Companies which don't consider, have no choice but to be weeded out in world competition. KIDP will support as growth engine design by digging out design items which can succeed in world market after 10 years too.

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