Haga Electronics Develops Electronic Smart Switch
Haga Electronics Develops Electronic Smart Switch
  • Chung Myung-je
  • 승인 2009.05.27 17:37
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Haga Electronics Home Authorized Smart Switch can turn your lights on and off automatically, to simulate an occupied home
A small Korean electronics manufacturer has developed an electronic switch control board which can fit into a full-fledged home networking system. Haga Electronics has succeeded in developing a control board that requires no separate service wires, such as electricity. The firm has its new product patented in 14 countries including the United States, the UK, Germany, Japan, France and Canada.

Due to its simple mechanical structure, construction companies can save a lot when they install the new gadget, the Home Authorized Smart Switch (HASS), into new buildings, given that they need no separate wiring or battery systems. While home owners are travelling, HASS will automatically switch on at two to three hour intervals during the early evening or early morning, making the home look as if it were occupied. It can be handled with an infrared remote or a radio frequency remote control system.

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