SK Telecom Launches Unlimited LTE Data Plans
SK Telecom Launches Unlimited LTE Data Plans
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SEOUL, KOREA - SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) today announced that it will introduce three different unlimited LTE data plans that will allow users to enjoy unlimited amount of LTE data, voice calls, text messages and membership services from April 3.

Existing subscribers of T&All 75+Unlimited Data Option, T&All 85 and T&All 100, which currently amount to around 1 million, will automatically be able to enjoy the benefits of the new unlimited LTE data plans without additional charges or a separate sign-up procedure.

After exceeding 8GB (LTE T&All 75+Unlmited Data Option) / 12GB (LTE T&All 85) / 16GB (LTE T&All 100) of data use within a month, users will still be able to enjoy unlimited data: They will be provided with 2GB of data per day at LTE speed and data use exceeding this limit will be offered at an optimal speed as allowed in the network status. Moreover, in addition to the unlimited provision of messaging services including SMS, MMS and Joyn.T, subscribers of T&All 75+Unlimited Data Option will be able to enjoy free unlimited intra-network and inter-network voice calls, while users of T&All 85 and T&All 100 will be given both unlimited intra-network and inter-network voice calls as well as unlimited mobile-to-fixed line voice calls.

Given that SK Telecom’s subscribers are locked into 24-month contracts where certain discounts apply, the actual monthly charge for each unlimited LTE data plan will become lower at KRW 61,250, KRW 65,000 and KRW 76,000.

Also, SK Telecom decided to offer a range of services to further enrich customer’s mobile experience through the use of unlimited data. Subscribers will be able to enjoy diverse multimedia contents services for free including ‘B tv mobile’, a full HD mobile IPTV service providing real-time streaming and replay of TV programs and sports games, and ‘Melon Mobile Streaming Club’, the biggest unlimited music streaming service in Korea.

Customers who subscribe to the new unlimited LTE data plans by May can enjoy unlimited points that can be used to receive discounts on purchases made at SK Telecom’s 250 T Membership affiliates such as Mega Box, CGV, Mister Pizza, CU, VIPS, TOUS les JOURS and Lotte World until the year end, regardless of their membership grades.

Meanwhile, the company will also launch two different optional data plans that provide unlimited data as fitted to the user’s data usage patterns: Unlimited Data Option for Commuters and 24-Hour Data Double Option.

With Unlimited Data Option for Commuters, customers can use data unlimitedly at peak hours between 7-9 A.M. and 6-8 P.M. at a monthly fixed rate of KRW 9,000 and 24-Hour Data Double Option, at KRW 3,500, deducts only 50 percent of the data used within 24 hours upon subscription. 

Unlimited Data Option for Commuters and 24-Hour Data Double Option will also be available to 3G subscribers currently using price plans – i.e. All-in-One 33 and All-in-One 44 - that do not accompany unlimited data.

SK Telecom observed that use of smartphones peaks at commuting hours with the data traffic during the time reaching as much as 20 percent of a total daily volume. In particular, SK Telecom expects that many customers would find Unlimited Data Option for Commuters greatly useful as the average travel time to work in Korea is estimated to be 55 minutes and the number of people who spend more than an hour to commute to work has increased 35 percent in the last ten years according to a survey conducted by Statistics Korea and the Korea Transport Institute.

24-Hour Data Double Option is best suitable for subscribers who need to temporarily use high volume data, for example to watch finals of sports games in ultra high definition screen or to urgently download big files.

Yoon Won-young, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Division said, “SK Telecom has decided to introduce unlimited LTE data plans as well as optional plans designed for specific needs in order to further enrich customer’s mobile experience. We will continue to carefully study our customers’ interests and needs, and analyze their usage patterns to come up with better products and services that deliver greater value and benefits to our customers”

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