SiS Forms Joint Venture with John Sculley (Ex CEO of Apple & Pepsi Cola Co) Backed Inflexionpoint Asia
SiS Forms Joint Venture with John Sculley (Ex CEO of Apple & Pepsi Cola Co) Backed Inflexionpoint Asia
  • By Beijing Correspondent, Lim Chang-hyun (changfan
  • 승인 2014.04.18 18:56
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SINGAPORE - SiS International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 00529) A leading Technology Products distribution and investment Holding Company in Asia and Inflexionpoint, a Private Equity structured supply chain firm co-founded by John Sculley (former CEO of Apple & Pepsi Cola Co) jointly announced today that they have entered into a partnership to form a joint venture company in Asia.

The joint venture company SiS Inflexionpoint Pte Ltd, based in Singapore is to invest in promising businesses & technology companies in the Asia Pacific region. The company will also invest in IT/CE Distribution, VAR, SI & supply chain companies. The joint venture company also announced today the acquisition of the broad line distribution business of Qool Labs Singapore, creating a platform for a multi-billion Singapore base investment, acquisition and distribution power house in Asia.

KH Lim, Chairman & CEO of SiS Group (left) and John Sculley, Chairman of Inflexionpoint (right) have entered into a partnership

The Best of East-West Partnership. Creating a formidable force in one of the fastest growing market in the world.

Both SiS and Inflexionpoint are well respected companies with unique skills, strengths and leaders that complement each other. The joint venture represents the best of East & West partnership. SiS brings a vast Asia network and 30 years of experience in Channel Marketing, distribution and investment in technology companies & businesses in Asia. Inflexionpoint brings private equity and growth working capital financial expertise and western marketing at its best.

SiS has a long history of success; a pioneer in the distribution of IT and smart phone products, SiS is considered as one of the best distribution operators with an extensive network of resellers, retailers and mobile operators; representing many of the world's most renowned manufacturers. "Leveraging on SiS experienced management team and extensive distribution network spanned throughout the region, SiS provide us an immediate entry into one of the fastest growing region in the world," commented John Sculley, Chairman of Inflexionpoint.

A new dimension, a new value offering- Private Equity with distribution and marketing Strengths

Through the combined strengths and working hand in hand, SiS Inflexionpoint offer companies who it intends to invest in the best value preposition; From Inflexionpoint: financial expertise in private equity and western marketing. From SiS: the building of long term partnerships from the East together with experience in channel marketing and a wide distribution network.

"We are delighted to collaborate with John & Inflexionpoint. Inflexionpoint team and John bring a new dimension to IT distribution and the full spectrum of IT supply chain management that is most invaluable." said KH Lim, Chairman & CEO of SiS Group. SiS Inflexionpoint is immediately positioned to capitalize on the expansion in the converged IT & mobile distribution and IT supply chain. "Together, combining our core strengths and working hand in hand, we are positioned to drive vigorous growth across the Asia Pacific Region and create an IT & Mobile distribution powerhouse in Asia," Said John Sculley. KH Lim will serve as Chairman of the new joint venture company and Neeraj Chauhan assumes the role of CEO.



Founded in Singapore in 1983, SiS is an Investment Holding company and a leading Technology Product Distribution listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its principal business interests include Real Estate investment, Mobile & IT Products Distribution as well as Investments in Promising Businesses.

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