LG to Unveil G3 ahead of Schedule in June
LG to Unveil G3 ahead of Schedule in June
  • By Kim Yung-yong (yong@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2014.04.18 22:09
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SEOUL, KOREA - LG Electronics plans to unveil its next strategic smartphone model G3 in June at the earliest.Inside the company, talks are underway to unveil G3 one or two months earlier than scheduled. An LG official said on April 17, “We decided to release the G3 earlier than scheduled but the exact date of release is still under discussion.”

This move is part of LG’s efforts to maximize its smartphone sales this year. Considering that the value of new smartphone plummets in the following year of the launch, LG plans to release the G3 as quickly as possible, aimed at maximizing its full-year smartphone sales.

The G series is LG Electronics’ flagship models. In particular, the predecessor model G2 was LG’s ambitious masterpiece. The G2 was mounted with the “knock” function that removes lock by knocking on the screen twice, and back buttons, first among LG smartphones. It also offered an improved feel of grip by reducing the thickness of bezel to 2.65mm.

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