Automatic Fuel Pressure Adjuster Is the Heart of the Car Engine
Automatic Fuel Pressure Adjuster Is the Heart of the Car Engine
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As Humans have blood pressure, cars have fuel pressure. Humans can live up to, on average, 70-80 years old as their hearts automatically regulate their blood pressure according to the intensity of their activity. However, cars, which are way more active than humans, do not have a heart-like automatic fuel pressure adjustment device, consequently being traded off by their owners or heading for auto graveyards in less than a decade.

Car makers are to blame for their short lifespan. Car makers have left their cars unable to regulate their fuel pressure on their own. The engines of the cars are injected with a specific amount of fuel all the time. In the process of forced fuel injections, over 15% of the car’s fuel could be wasted.

With such an inflexible fuel supply system on board, the car engine will get stressed out, as the car gets old and more mileages. As a result, the engine will consume more fuel than is necessary, thereby increasing incomplete combustion, rattles and noise and reducing output and ride quality.

Choi In-seop, CEO of 3EN Tech


Magic Capsule, the heart of the car engine, slashes CO2 emissions and improves the fuel economy of cars.

3EN Tech, a Korean firm based in Incheon, has successfully developed an automatic fuel pressure adjustment device, called Magic Capsule. Just like the human heart regulates blood pressure, cars also need a heart-like device that can adjust fuel pressure according to changes in driving conditions, 3EN Tech says.

If humans were supposed to live at a preset blood pressure level for their entire life, they would die in a couple of days. As such, blood pressure levels are very important to people. Thus, 3EN Tech has come out with the heart-like automatic fuel pressure adjuster.


“The engines of all the cars were engineered to maintain specific fuel pressure levels. Thus, over 15% of the car’s fuel goes down the drain,” said 3EN Tech CEO Choi In-seop, who actually invented the Magic Capsule.

CEO Choi has made such an argument for so many years. However, no one tried to listen to him. By the way, as carbon tax has became a hot-button issue in South Korea on the back of the nation’s push for the Low Carbon Vehicle Fund System, scheduled to go into effect in January 2015, people started to listen to him. 3EN Tech’s Magic Capsule, whose capability to reduce car exhaust fumes has already been proven by official accreditors, has been introduced many times by TV programs on the nation’s major TV channels, including MBC and KBS TV.

Nonetheless, there are still naysayers. Some car experts and holders of PhDs in automotive engineering cynically say, “CEO Choi would deserve a Nobel prize if his argument were true. The engines of the cars of today are state-of-the-art equipment, controlled by an electronic control device, called Engine Control Unit (ECU), so no more add-ons for these cutting-edge engines are needed.” They are actually defending automakers, which have to pay carbon tax owing to their poor fuel supply technology.

However, time was on CEO Choi’s side. More people started to concur with CEO Choi. This is because most of the buyers of Korean-made cars, which have been billed by car experts appearing on TV programs as being packed with such cutting-edge engines, have to pay “carbon tax” starting next year. If many car experts’ opinions are right, buyers of Korean-made cars should be spared the burden of paying carbon tax levied on excessive green house gas emissions.

CEO Choi has continued to disagree with what most car experts say. His argument that the absence of a fuel supply adjustment device in both old and new engine models results in over 15% of the car’s fuel burning unnecessarily, has actually been backed up by the fact that most of the buyers of Korean-made cars are in for paying “carbon tax” next year. Besides, many newspapers covered the experiment, in which the engine of a car, which showed exhaust fume production of approximately 77% without an automatic fuel pressure adjuster, took the percent down to 21% with an automatic fuel pressure adjuster on.

“The exhaust fume production of 21%, recorded right after using our automatic fuel pressure adjuster, will drop with the passing of time. The car exhaust fumes, discharged right after the automatic fuel pressure adjuster was hooked up to the engine, were the residuals left in the muffler, so once the exhaust fumes piled on the muffler are emitted, exhaust fume production of 21% will diminish further,” said CEO Choi.

In addition, something that is impossible from the perspective of today’s automotive engineering has proved to be true. Engines discharging no exhaust fumes whatsoever means that complete combustion has taken place in the engine. Complete combustion increases the temperature of the engine, resulting in more greenhouse gases, like CO2 and nitrogen oxide. But as many experiments showed, 3EN Tech’s automatic fuel pressure adjuster not only cut fuel consumption by as much as 15% but also curtailed car exhaust fumes.

“Just like the human heart, car engines should be fed with fuel in a flexible manner. Such flexibility will make possible a 15% pullback in fuel consumption, resultantly dismissing worries over the obligation of paying carbon tax,” said CEO Choi.

Since CEO Choi cannot have one-on-one meetings with large automakers to find fault with their fuel supply systems point by point, he urged consumers to make a wiser choice before they head for car dealerships. “Once Magic Capsule is installed, fuel consumption could fall by over 15% along with reduced noise, improved output, better ride quality, etc. The difference made by Magic Capsule will be felt by consumers,” CEO Choi mentioned. “I am always ready to answer any questions raised by either automakers or consumers,” he added.

What’s more, 3EN Tech purchased a KRW 100 million product liability insurance policy to ease consumer doubts over Magic Capsule. It is hoped that 3EN Tech’s Magic Capsule would truly serve as the heart of the car engine and thus ensure fuel savings and less pollutants.


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