Band Breaks 30 Mil. Mark in Cumulative Downloads
Band Breaks 30 Mil. Mark in Cumulative Downloads
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SEOUL, KOREA - Camp Mobile announced on May 7 that its mobile SNS Band has passed the 30-million mark in cumulative downloads.

Since it passed the 10-million milestone in just nine months after launch in August 2012, Band has accelerated its growth thereafter, surpassing 20 million in October 2013 and 30 million in April 2014.


Of special note, 70 percent of the users joined the service through invitations by existing Band users. In other words, Band is growing on the back of the recommendations by its existing users. Band, which has become Korea’s representative acquaintance-based SNS, is also attracting increasing attention from overseas.


Although the share of foreign users remains low at about 20 percent, Camp Mobile plans to spur more efforts to increase its presence in the global markets, as well as to develop it into a global SNS brand.

Camp Mobile also confirmed that the opening of the Band Game, which has been delayed, is fixed at May 12. With the Band Game, Camp Mobile aims to deliver new pleasures to the existing Band users, as well as to explore a win-win strategy with game developers.

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