June has Bloomed Full of Digital Festivals
June has Bloomed Full of Digital Festivals
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"Be spoiled in a safe digital world for a month!" The gentle breezes of June are blowing across many events around the country in promotion of a Safe Digital World. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) and the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) have aligned with 16 other regional organizations to arrange 76 events for the month of June, in celebration of the 22nd Information Culture Month.

Safe Internet for Everyone

Lee Dal-gon, minister of Public Administration and Security, speaks at the 22nd Information Culture Month opening ceremony

The theme this year is safety. A campaign led by All Citizens for Safe Internet Zones in the Digital World strives to minimize the negative effects of informatization. Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Dal-gon said at the 22nd Information Culture Month Ceremony, "Not only is Korea strong in information technology, but the number of negative effects of informatization is also strong. In celebration of Information Culture month, we as a society should pay special attention to the side effects of informatization and work as one to make a reliable and safe online culture. Until the day we are reborn as a developed information culture country, much effort and special attention will be required from every citizen and government sector."

Information Culture Month Ceremony

Minister Lee Dal-gon hands out an award to a distinguished citizen at the 22nd Information Culture Month Ceremony on June 3

Of the 76 events to blow in this summer, the first was the Information Culture Month Ceremony at the Central Government Complex on June 3. The purpose of the ceremony was to encourage the construction of a safe digital society and the spread of a healthy information culture. Here Minister Lee awarded Medals of Civil Service to several qualified candidates. Director Jung Yoon-suk of LG Sangnam Library was awarded a Civil Service Medal of Merit for his accomplishments in the establishment of the first national digital library and the world's first book reading software for reading disabilities. Chairman of Cyber Parents Kim Ki-tae was given the same award for writing and lecturing on the related matters of information communication ethics. His contribution to promoting the Parents Watch campaign and preventing the future negative effects of informatization was mentioned favorably by the Minister. A Civil Service Meritorious Award, 7 Presidential Awards, a Prime Minister's Award, and 45 Ministerial Awards were also handed out at the award ceremony.

After the ceremony, a seven year old girl Yoo Ye-eun played the piano for attendees, overcoming her disability in seeing. Ye-eun's father, who also has the same disability, taught her music with the computer so that she can play the piano without reading the notes. Minister Lee rewarded her with a brand new computer and digital accessories. He also said, "The government will pay special attention to the matter of establishing supportive policies for disabilities so that many more talented people like Yoo Ye-eun will be encouraged to overcome their obstacles."

Events Blowing in During June

Indeed the 22nd Information Culture Month will be followed by many more information culture-related events throughout the country in June. From June 16 to 18 at Baekbum Memorial Center, for example, the handicapped, senior citizens, and foreign spouses are invited to participate in the Digital Information Contest.

On June 20, an Arumnuri Campaign will be carried out in Seoul Plaza under the sponsorship of MOPAS to motivate young Internet addicts to use Internet services in healthy ways. In the campaign, 1,200 members of Arumnuri will gather with their neighbors to participate in activities like a Chunggyecheon Stream Walk, an Information Ethics Golden Ball, and Intelligent Interactions Online. Arumnuri is a youth-created volunteer organization that promotes healthy Internet usage and beautiful Internet zones.

On June 26, the Information Culture International Conference will be held to provide an opportunity to discuss the matter of a maturing information culture. The theme of the conference is New Challenge - Arrival of a Dangerous Digital Society. Experts from home and abroad are scheduled to gather together to brainstorm about new paradigms to buck this digital crisis.

The 76 events will blow throughout June all over the country to promote the theme of Information Culture Month - Safety.  Healthy Internet users of Korea, use this month as a great chance to make a big jump to rewrite the history of our digital culture!

Minister Lee Dal-gon Says, "Interact, Feel, and Learn"

Q: You are here today at the Information Culture Month Ceremony to encourage the awardees and citizens to continue fighting for the promotion of a Safe Digital World. What should the fighting spirit be like

A: Until the day we are reborn as a developed information culture country, much effort and special attention will be required from every citizen and government agency. Harmony is one of the important elements make this movement bigger. I urge Koreans to take a part in any of the 76 events this month. And hopefully the month of Information Culture will serve as a booster to create many more healthy Internet users.

Q: What do you feel is the prior role of the government to keep Internet zones safe

A: The government is trying its best to set strong regulations and restrictions in prevention of sexual content and identity phishing. We are also deeply inspired by Yoo Ye-eun, a seven-year-old girl who overcame her disability of sight. The government will set a high priority on the matter of establishing extra supportive policies for disabled people so that many more talented disabled like her will be encouraged to overcome their obstacles.

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