Perfect Platform to Demonstrate Latest Technology Convergence
Perfect Platform to Demonstrate Latest Technology Convergence
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SK Telecom

As the largest and most significant ICT and Electronics events in Vietnam, Vietnam International Communications Summit & Expo 2009 ('Vietnam Comm 2009') and International Exhibition on Electronics Products in Vietnam 2009 ('Vietnam Electronics 2009') will be staged in the Vietnam Exhibition & Fair Centre (VEFAC), Hanoi during 18-21 November 2009. The twin expos are regarded as the perfect platform to demonstrate latest technology convergence and applications, facilitated by numerous favorable governmental policies, support from local and overseas giant operators, multi-national renowned corporations as well as strong local demand for governmental systems upgrade, enterprises' modernization and manufacture's automation.

The official announcement of four 3G licenses in this April marked an important milestone for 3G products, technologies and solutions deployment and application in Vietnam as the four leading telecom firms namely Vinaphone, VMS MobiFone, Viettel and the associated unit of EVN Telecom-Hanoi Telecom pledged to invest US$2 billion in 3G technology in the coming three years. Therefore, along with the 3G deployments, relating infrastructure enhancement products, terminals, applications, value-added services, media & entertainment are of course the hottest highlights in the events. In addition, with the country's strategic policy to become a strong nation in ICT with increasing application of advanced technologies in various industries or enterprises, the demand of various types of ICT products and solutions is enormous and thus becoming the events' highlighted scopes, such as 'Broadband, Wireless & Fixed Network Convergence', 'Managed Services, Customer Care & Management System', 'Unified Infrastructure and Relating Equipments', 'Fiber Optic Communications/Photonics/ Optoelectronics', 'Media & Entertainment (e.g. News, Music, Games, Movies, TV, etc.)', 'Broadcasting (e.g. Cable, Satellite & IP TV) & Digitalization (e.g. HDTV)', 'Enterprise Application Software (e.g. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc.)'.

This year some exhibit themes are featured, such as 'Modern Enterprise Communications', 'Value-added Service & Messaging', 'Electronics Manufacturing', 'Consumer Electronics' and 'Personal Digital & Accessories', which enable visitors to locate their required suppliers in the events more easily and also provide extra exposure to applicable exhibitors by adding indication in exhibition halls, various event collaterals plus e-blast invitation under individual theme to targeted visitor groups.

Favored by governmental policies in addition to the proven growth of foreign direct investment and huge market demand for ICT, electronics products and solutions in Vietnam, the twin expos once again received extensive support from both local and overseas operators, multi-national corporations and countries pavilions. Currently, the twin expos receive 'Diamond Sponsorship' from NTT DOCOMO, Huawei and ZTE; 'Banquet Sponsorship' from Orange France Telecom and 'Summit Sponsorship' from Motorola. Moreover, Ambassade De France Au Vietnam Mission Economique (UBIFRANCE) will show her first presence at the twin expos by organizing a 'France Pavilion'. Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), CCPIT Electronics and Information Industry Sub-Council, China PTAC Communications Services Co., Ltd., and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA) also demonstrate continuous support to the expos by bringing pavilions from Singapore, China and Taiwan.

Apart from the exhibition, Vietnam Comm and Vietnam Electronics 2009 will also serve as the most valuable platform for advanced-level technology exchanging, market intelligence updating, business experience sharing and industry professionals networking by holding the concurrent high-level Summit. Numerous industrial hot topics will be featured during the Summit, including the most attention-catching topic on opportunities and challenges during the economic crisis period and future roadmap of ICT development trend. Furthermore, another topic 'Technology Innovation & Applications for Business & life' will be addressed for the improvement in enterprises' operations and end users' services brought by the latest solutions in 3G mobile broadband and modern enterprises communications. Also, there will be a specific session for the ICT industry to address numerous latest ICT solutions, which include the launch of new products/ services to end users, optimization in communications infrastructure and streamlined-operation management for operators. Without doubt, the twin expos together with the Summit will create an unparalleled platform with significant impact not only on ICT and electronics industries in Vietnam, but also Vietnam's neighboring countries.

Officially sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) of Vietnam and jointly organized by the Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd (Adsale), the twin expos continuously create brilliant track records and contribute to the fast-growth of ICT and electronics industries in Vietnam. The twin expos are expected to occupy more than 6,000 sq.m. exhibition area with around 200 local and overseas exhibitors from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, P R China, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.

To assist small to medium sized enterprises, particularly those new to Vietnam market, business consultation service will be provided at the fairground to assist exhibitors in searching their potential business partners / customers and advise on the market potential for exhibitors' products / services in Vietnam market. In fact, the business consultation services in previous edition received high appreciation from the exhibitors. Besides, pre-event visitor and delegation invitation campaigns will be carried out by sending 'Exhibitor Profile Preview' to the targeted buyers. In addition, to cope with the increasing demand of ICT solutions from government departments, public sectors and enterprises, the organizers will strengthen the invitation to these major user groups and facilitate them to source suppliers and collect information in the events.

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