Congratulations from Sookmyung Women's University
Congratulations from Sookmyung Women's University
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Han Young Sil, President of Sookmyung Women

On behalf of Sookmyung Women’s University, I would like to express my sincere congratulations to Korea IT Times for its amazing achievements over the last five years. The Korea IT Times’ contributions to the industry are truly amazing. As a dedicated reader, I have been watching how Korea IT Times has become a major authority in the global IT media industry.

As an educator, I understand the critical importance of IT information in education and its contribution to national competitiveness in the global market. The Korea IT Times has become a leading voice for the Korean IT industry as a whole. In addition, it has been a gateway to understanding major developments in the international IT industry for many Korean readers.

As a “Digital Leader,” Sookmyung Women’s University has been at the forefront of Korean IT growth alongside Korea IT Times. By 1999, Sookmyung had already set up a wireless internet service, with free rental service of notebook computers; the first of its kind in Korea. In 2002, we initiated a program to build a ubiquitous campus, where students could freely utilize university services, including registrations and library services, through merely a touch of a button with their cell phones.

Sookmyung has started the UBL (Ubiquitous-based Learning) System, which overcomes physical boundaries such as time and space, so as to allow instructors and students to access the educational system at any time and any place, enabling them to learn, participate, and share their ideas. Sookmyung Open Class, included in the UBL system, will certainly improve the quality of teaching skills, and offer more learning opportunities to our students. Open Class and SNOW 2.0 of our UBL system will be open to the public and hopefully be a future model for the higher education system in an IT era of “Openness and Sharing.” I believe that much information provided by the Korea IT Times will be of great use in developing this type of new educational system. Again, I congratulate the Korea IT Times for its unprecedented achievements over the last five years and hope for its continued success in the future.

Han Young Sil, President of Sookmyung Women's University


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