Biotechnology Works Magic to Place Beauties in Neverland
Biotechnology Works Magic to Place Beauties in Neverland
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The complete Amarte Beauty Program is the result of the years in effort in Research and Development of biotechnology and nanotechnology

A modern person's great expectation of convergence technology is on the subject of being forever young. With the development of medical technology and biotechnology, should we really accept the fact of getting old - hairs falling out, pores opening, and acne scars bulging How much sense does it make to see a brand new liquid crystal TV outshining its viewer This is where the decade-spanning research of Amarte Co. Ltd. ( is proving its real worth. The companies’ successful story of a W5 trillion export deal with Hong Kong and many other global contracts prove that there is a thirst of the products of biotechnology and chemical industries around the world which can secure two words for people today: Forever Young.

Sulfur to Conquer Neverland

Sulfur is known to be very good for separating waste materials and old comeous tissues from the skin

Have you always lived in admiration of the sulfuric hot springs in Japan An advanced technology brings a sulfuric hot spring to the dressers of its users. To the Sulfur Plus user, taking a bath in a hot spring during the excessive heat of the summer or the hassle of flight is only a concern of the past. According to the journal of Drugs in Dermatology in 2004, Canadian Dermatologist Aditya K. Gupta stressed a few points about sulfur to renounce it as the next generation core element of cosmetics. He said, “Sulfur is the most ideal element to kill eumycetes, the bacteria. One of the greatest functions of sulfur is its keratin removing feature, which leads to acne control and antibiotic actions. For a long time, sulfur has been widely used to cure skin disease like acne, red face, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, and tinea versicolor. No case of side effects has ever been found in the long history of its usage.” If there was a single problem to solve, however, the strong scent of natural sulfur and a few toxic elements slowed the commercialization of sulfur into daily skincare products. Such an obstacle seems to be no longer an issue.

“Our determination to detoxify and kill the odor of sulfur has reached to its succession. We developed a technology to refine sulfur 9 times to produce odorless and non-toxic sulfur extracts or powders. By adding the high quality anti-wrinkle and whitening ampoules, the Sulfur Plus was created as our latest product line,” said President Oh Mi-ok of Amarte. Soon after its coming out party in the global market, Sulfur Plus was booked by the many buyers around the globe including Hong Kong, Canada, America, and Vietnam.

Cutting-edge Nano Technology
Tops the Natural Herbal Peeling System

Oh Mi-ok, President of Amarte

Special Nano technology of Amarte produces the same substances to form skin cells and help improving the skin radically. Technology of fermentation and liposome capsule allows the Natural Herbal Peeling System to permeate into the skin easily and activates the skin functions. The waste matters from the old cells caused by the stiffened muscle in the polluted skin often work as the disturbing factor in absorption of nutrition into skin. The significance of Amarte products is its keratin removing program with the sulfur application. “Our Natural Herbal Peeling System has two kinds of product lines. One is for the purpose of homecare while the other is for the skin care shops. Natural Herbal Peeling System guarantees the skin vitality, miniaturization, regeneration, and nutrition. Its strength in contraction of the pores and increase in skin elasticity is only the beginning of the music. Lightening acne scars and revitalizing skin surface will outshine the customer’s face within a short period of time.

Ginkgo Vinegar on Scalp and Hair

Amarte GinkgoBio Shampoo and Treatment are composed of natural herbs, traditional oriental medicines, pine trees, and ginkgo nut vinegar with 100% natural juice extraction. The idea of ginkgo vinegar is inspired by the wisdom of Korean ancestors who used them as the hair care products. Diverse nutrients of vinegar are known to have a powerful sterilization and antibiotic functions. Ginkgo vinegar contains rich vitamins and minerals, supports blood circulation, and removes waste products thoroughly to keep the hairs shiny and scalps clean.

GinkgoBio haircare products will eradicate itching and allergies from the scalp as well as dandruff and keratins. On October 2008, Amarte won the Minister Award from the ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for ginkgo vinegar hair care products and body cleanser. In the same year of December, Ginkgo vinegar material was listed on CFTA, America after being approved by the ministry of Environment on its biodegradability test for ginkgo vinegar. GinkgoBio hair care products are also being in active trade with Hongkong.

Overseas Market Penetration

The prize Amarte won from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy on the 43rd Trade Day in 2006 proves the companies’ active role in global trade market. This year, Amarte made an exclusive agreement with Tarashid Ziba Co. Ltd. in Iran, sponsored Ms. World Tour China Competition, and made 10 year 60 million US Dollar per year contract with Hansa Stars Log, China. Amarte in May also made a supply agreement with Japan. With its recently obtained ISO 14001 certification, further global business expected to be made in upcoming years.


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